[rPI2] slow/stuttering video + no audio

  • hi LE crew. thanks for fixing the no-video thing !!

    now it (sometimes) starts what looks like slow motion picture with no audio. it doesn't happen always and after a quick reboot the same file plays fine.

    i'm sorry i don't have a debug log, i'll turn debug back on now.
    debug log on dropBox ( its MASSIVE - 58mb & 540k lines).

    uptime 20min and i started happened on the 3rd video i played

    01:09:50 997.870972 T:1962471424  NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening: /storage/mintyReds/TV/Nerdist/Nerdist.s1e590.mkv

    mySetup = rPi2 + LE 6.95.2 + ubuntu mySQL & 16TB raid (mounted via NFS)

    i'm hoping its something you already know about and the fix is as simple as the patch that was missing in alpha.

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  • did this get included in v7 ? its still happens

    No, it wasn't included.I think the beta->v7 updated didn't include bug fixes (which might need another round of testing), just version bump and updated artwork.

  • thanks for the confirmation
    but i feel like this needs a little more clarification

    wasn't this a valid bug reported durring the beta cycle ?

  • this is driving the wife insane. so i made a sort of hacky solution to save the currently playing vid and restart kodi. its dirty, but the mrs is much happier now that its 1 button & enouph time to grab a glass of water VS having to hit stop > back out to seasons > tv > home > power > reboot, then all the way in again > tv > season > ep > play.

    obviously YMMV, like if you're actually using autoexec.py for something, this will blow it away.

    • map a button to a script

      • cat /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/custom.xml
              <key id="0x07">RunScript(/storage/resume.playback.py)</key>

    • the script test if something isPlaying, makes an autoexec.py & reloads kodi

      • cat /storage/resume.playback.py

    • lastly the addon: script.service.kodi.callbacks runs another script (on event boot complete) to delete the autoexec.py, so the same video doesnt play for every reboot thereafter.

      • cat /storage/resume.playback-cleanup.sh
        if [ -f $RESUME ]; then 
            sleep 10
            rm $RESUME

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  • hi yall. just letting you know this is still happening in 7.0.1

    ( if its any consolation it feels like it happened more frequently when i tried the other band 6.95.3 )