Plex Media Server on LibreELEC

  • Solved the " not found" error and got it to work!

    Looks like it's a problem with how Windows saves documents (I thought I was being careful by using Notepad++).

    These commands should fix the files:

    dos2unix /storage/scripts/

    dos2unix /storage/.config/plex.conf

    dos2unix /storage/.config/system.d/plex.service

    And then run: bash /storage/scripts/ to execute the script.

    I also removed the \x20's from the plex.service file and replaced them with spaces, but I'm not really sure if that did anything significant. Also, I changed the file permission for all three files to 777.

    When I run: systemctl enable plex; systemctl start plex

    Nothing seems to happen, nothing in the logs. I'll have to figure this out later.


    So I had to add back in the \x20 for it to start. It says it's running when I run top - i but doesn't show up as an installed addon. I'm not really sure where the server database is either. Is it in the .cache/ folder or somewhere else? Trying to migrate it from the docker set up.

    If I go to it shows me an xml file without any styling.


    If I do systemctl status plex

    I get this:


    Just had to add /web like so: http://<local.ip>:32400/web

    Found the database folder here: /storage/.config/Plex Media Server

    Don't now why I didn't see it there before.

    If anyone has trouble finding the docker Plex Media Server folder, it's here:

    /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/docker.linuxserver.plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server

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  • It was working fine until one day the server went down and wouldn't come back up. I tried fixing it by rerunning bash but I got this:

    /storage/scripts$ bash

    Plex directory does not exist, installing.

    mv: can't rename 'usr/lib/plexmediaserver': No such file or directory line 30: can't create /storage/.cache/app.plex/.plex_version: nonexistent directory

    bash: =: argument expected

    Plex up to date.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    app.plex got renamed to app.plex.old but it wasn't replaced with anything.