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    Ok but now I have another problem.

    I try to set in PMS HttpUI the my movie directory (external USB hdd on Raspberry /var/media/<mydiskname>/). But I don't found my device in list of directory in PMS configuration (UI).

    So, I change the configuration into "Plex (" service. I change the directory Movies /var/media/<mydiskname>/movies/".

    Appears these notifications Dockers: Plex kill and Plex stop. So I restarted Plex service (appear notification Plex start).

    But now... UI PMS http://..... don't work! I don't understand!

    Ok now I understand. I installed Addon on Libreelec. Into this Addon I install the services Plex.

    So now I have: Plex (, Docker and Docker image Updater AddOn.

    Now Plex Client work with LibreElec PMS...and URL: http://<iprasp>:32400/web work. and plex.service files where I must save them and used them?

    Thank you

    Ok... I understand, docker is like VirtualBox o WMare (emulation virtual system). Docker under Libreelec is under Libreelec addon repository (whale symbol). I must install this addon and with docker management gui called Portainer (http://<ip>:<port>) I can import Docker images for Librelec.. it's right?
    From Portainer gui I can download docker plex image with this command : "docker pull linuxserver/plex"

    Tonight I try to install Docker addon and download plex docker image...

    To configure Plex I confused...docker commands example are very strange.

    Me? No. I've already given hints, and that's as far as I personally go towards helping anyone install torrent apps.

    Ok... Now I have install new LE version on my Rasp3B+... with Java and another program. So I can throw away my obsolete OE distro.

    So... if I understand (I'm very newbie with linux system) for PMS I don't use the last PMS addon... but I must used DOCKER... can be absurd... but what's docker? how I can used docker, I must used this link with SSH?

    GitHub - plexinc/pms-docker: Plex Media Server Docker repo, for all your PMS docker needs.

    I have a same problem with my Rasp 3B+.

    1 - I install Berryboot and Distro Raspian Debian

    2 - I upload my Retropie.img (converted with squashfs procedure) and it work good.

    3 - I have a big problem to convert my images OpenElec or LibreElec, becouse these images don't have /etc/* directory. So these Instructions to berryboot format conversion don't work: $ sudo mount /dev/mapper/loop0p2 /mnt

    $ sudo sed -i 's/^\/dev\/mmcblk/#\0/g' /mnt/etc/fstab
    $ sudo sed -i 's/^PARTUUID/#\0/g' /mnt/etc/fstab
    $ sudo rm -f /mnt/etc/console-setup/cached_UTF-8_del.kmap.gz
    $ sudo rm -f /mnt/etc/systemd/system/
    $ sudo rm -f /mnt/etc/systemd/system/
    $ sudo rm -f /mnt/etc/rc3.d/S01resize2fs_once

    After Squashfs procedure and I try to upload adn start Libreelec image on Berryboot but I obtain an error squashfs like this: "directory etc/system.d don't found"... i don't remember correct error.

    So... I try to used a LibreElec image downloaded from this site:

    Downloads Berryboot Images ⇢ Berryboot OS Images

    The image works on Berryboot, but during start configuration (like language, ssh enable/samba enable) LE blocked...

    Any idea?

    Ok I want change my distro in LibreElec. But I have problems to install Java and JDownloader2. Can you help me to find the instructions (SSH) to install JAVA and JDownloader2 on Libreelec... step by step? Java correct version for example.

    Excuse me, I'am a newbie and I don't knowh linux command.

    I have a raspberry bi 3+ with old and last Openelec distro (kodi 17). I don't want to change distro becouse I have a lot of programs that run only with Openelec (and with OpenElec Unofficial repository - Java + JDownloader2 Server).

    I try to install firt version of Plex media Server AddOn zip on my OpenElec and work good but when I reboot raspberry PMS doesn't work!!!

    I try to disinstall addon and to install last version 1.2.1 addon on this topic... but PMS doesn't restart!

    Any idea to solve or to install a correct version PMS?