Custom remote config

  • I read the wiki about remotes and frankly I did not fnd it useful for setting up a custom remote.

    I have LibreELecX86_64 , WIndows MCE receiver, and Xbox360 IR Remote

    I have been using the same Xbox360 remote config with Kodi for years. I have an Lirc config that works with Ubuntu 16.04 , but for ubuntu 18.04 I had to revert to the older version of lirc 0.9.0 I think.

    So I installed Libreelec and have a partial working remote, it is to say that most of my custom buttons are not recognized , but up/down/left/right/enter seem to work.

    ANy ideas on how to proceed to get my remote working 100%



  • I got tnhrough the remote install. 90% of what I had seemed would have been easier to use older Lirc

  • We use in-kernel decoding instead of LIRC so you'll need to spend a few minutes adapting configs. The wiki is the reference for how to do it, and it's not that hard (but it's not the same as configuring LIRC on Ubuntu). At the end of the day YOU have chosen to change distro so YOU should expect to spend a little time setting things up again. Please remember that anyone responding to your posts in this forum is giving up their personal free time to offer help. Whinging about everything is not going to inspire them to offer assistance.

  • The Xbox 360 remote should work out of the box. If it doesn't work for you please be more specific about what's not working, following the troubleshooting steps in the wiki Infrared Remotes []

    Do you get keycodes from ir-keytable -t? If not post the ir-keytable output of the non-working buttons.

    Do the keycodes show up in kodi's debug log and if yes which actions are executed? Post the log lines with the info about non-working or unmapped buttons.

    so long,