Early community images for H3, H6 and A64

  • Your source.

    Ubuntu 16.

    Linux home-linux 4.4.0-142-generic #168-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 16 21:00:45 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    git clone https://github.com/jernejsk/LibreELEC.tv.git
    PROJECT=Allwinner ARCH=arm DEVICE=H3 UBOOT_SYSTEM=orangepi_pc make image
  • I just updated my Beelink X2 to the march 3 update and it seems there is some issue with input stream adaptive, as it's currently impossible to stream any mpeg dash content. I updated the repos and add ons I expected would help. Sorry couldnt do more in depth testing for now.

  • The question is removed!

    Deleted the Samba folder and recompiled.

    Tell me how to choose a kernel when compiling (3.x, 4.x, 5.x)?


  • Hello,

    I am really missing option to put my Orange Pi PC Plus board to sleep and wake up using power button.

    Any chance to get this feature soon?

    Besides that, I am really glad to see progress on this development for Orange Pi boards.

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    I am really missing option to put my Orange Pi PC Plus board to sleep and wake up using power button.

    Any chance to get this feature soon?

    Shallow sleep (not much peripherals turned off) might be already possible, but deeper sleep state is tricky. For that you need special firmware on coprocessor. Such firmware, crust, is in the works, but I don't plan to use it in near future. At least until needed drivers come into mainline Linux.

    I'm not sure shallow sleep is really usable. It would give you feeling that you turned off the board, but power consumption wouldn't be much lower.

    Anyway, someone would have to do some research on that, but I rather work on other issues, like why some H264 and HEVC videos don't work properly.

  • Hello, fisrt jernej tanks for the Hard work.

    I have resoluition problem with Orange pi one.

    I tested the Last Update and in the first run the resoluition is correct, but after reboot libreelec go to safe Mode, 1024.

    It was tested in Samsung, Philips and LG tvs with differents hdmi cables, something about bat eidi info.. But how can i force 1080p? Thaks for advance

  • Good news everyone :D

    I succeed in adding WIFI driver for orange pi plus 2e. My board have some hardware issues with LAN port and i managed to add WIFI driver. I'm still testing it but it looks promising :) You can get my image from here. It should work for other boards with RTL8189FTV too.

  • Yes, I plan to upload PineH64 image next week. Since I don't have OrangePi 3, someone else will have to take care for it. It's missing few nodes in DT file.

    Wha is current status? What works/does not work?

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    H6 is almost on pair with H3 and A64, except analog audio and CEC is not working for some reason. HW accelerated decoding works same as on H3 and A64.

    10 bit HEVC decoding almost works (some visible artifacts), but currently display driver doesn't support 10 bit output, so they are actually rendered in 8 bits.