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    I just did more tests for HDMI audio with my OP PC Plus.

    When connected to Amplifier Pioneer VSX-521:

    • No sound for audio when passtrough on

    • No sound for audio when passtrough off

    When connected to Samsung TV:

    • "White noise" for audio when passtrough on

    • Good audio (No multichannel) when passtrough off

    In both cases OP PC Plus can se name of the device in audio settings.


    In contrast I found on this website #linux-sunxi — irc logs at that there is a chance to have basic HDMI support (probably only 2 channels) which would be fine for now. Polczak also mentioned in his post before that he has basic HDMI audio on his Orange Pi PC Plus board which is equipped with an H3 SoC (ARM Cortex-A7)

    So maybe a developer can give us an update on the current status.

    Just an addition to that - I do not have same issue on an old Libreelec 7.0 image.

    Hello. Same on my side with Orange Pi PC Plus.

    Only GUI sounds and from Youtube addon.

    No sound from files with multi channel sound - different options tested, different audio sources.

    First make sure that correct audio output is selected. You should see the name of your AVR/TV/monitor in that audio output selection menu.

    Equally important, EDID should also advertise multi channel LPCM support. You may check that with executing: edid-decode /sys/class/drm/card0-HDMI-A-1/edid If you are not sure, you can paste output of that command here and I can tell you then.

    Please find below my setup:

    1. Audio output device: ALSA: allwinner-hdmi:PIO VSX-520 on HDMI
    2. Channels: 2.0 and 5.1 tested
    3. Output configuration: optimized

    Only sound from Youtube addon. No sound from files with multi channel sound.

    end "edid" output: