Early community images for H3, H6 and A64

  • There is no new development :). Please also consider 5.1 audio DTS-HD DolbyTrueHD DTS-HD Mster

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  • Hi all!

    jernej - do you plan to support full frame 3D iso and mkv playback like on Libreelec + RPi2/3? It'll be be great to have cheap board capable of 4k + full frame 3D + HD audio - ATMOS and DTS:X (RPi lacks 4k and HD audio bitstreaming).

  • I plan the purchase of C-Media CM6206 USB audio card is there any code support? I want to make a sound from my orange I'm an optical input on my DVD system 5.1 S/PDIF. Will it work on KODI 16.1,17.6,18 I want to get Dolby® digital DTS DTS-HD DolbyTrueHD D Mster etc. I'm more interested in older versions at the moment open elec libre elec 7. I apologize if it is not the right place for my question

    PP: is it possible to do it S/PDIF orange pi pc SPDIF-OUT on the PA17 GPIO pin

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  • Fantastic work with Libreelec / H3.

    I have added support for the H5 for test purposes: GitHub - noblock/LibreELEC.tv: H5 Support / Test -- Just enough OS for KODI

    Now the mali driver crashes quickly at the kernel level on my board.

    [ 23.123122] Mali: ERR: LibreELEC-90/build.LibreELEC-H5.arm-9.0-devel/gpu-sunxi-r9p0-01rel0/driver/src/devicedrv/mali//common/mali_mmu.c

    [ 23.123134] mali_mmu_raw_reset() 270

    [ 23.123134]

    [ 23.123138] ASSERT failed: 0xCAFEB000 == mali_hw_core_register_read(&mmu->hw_core, MALI_MMU_REGISTER_DTE_ADDR)

    Maybe the hardware configuration. Any help/test welcome.

  • Is the LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.0-devel-20180916205352-fff0327-orangepi_plus.img.gz image corrupted?

    I can't get it to boot on my Orange Pi Plus 2.

  • Any updated software for the Beelink X2 H3 wireless issue. As noted in earlier post the dtb works with openelec so im guessing its drivers

    Doesnt see the wireless but if i put in a wirels dongle such as a Edimax it see them but doesnt work. Im guessing its drivers there also.

  • Havent done any real compiling for a long long time. Is there any short instrucitons on compiling the beelink x2 or ubuntu or debian. I can probably figure it out if someone can get be started