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    Thank you majorkalina for your reply. As you know I did change the config to bananapi. The device boots fine, but does not play some of the video formats. How did your board work with kodi. Were you able to play mp4 and mpeg2 files? I appreciate any comments or suggestions.


    as I wrote in #17:

    video playback is not good at all.

    h264, AVC downloaderd movies; mpeg2 and h265 is issue;

    h264, AVC some test videos from Samples - Official Kodi Wiki plays O.K.;

    mpeg1 and xvid in avi and mkv container plays O.K.


    I think that Bananapi and Bananapi pro use the same hw concept.

    My way is:

    1. $ git clone --branch a20 GitHub - jernejsk/ Just enough OS for KODI

    2. $ cd

    3. $ PROJECT=Allwinner DEVICE=A20 ARCH=arm UBOOT_SYSTEM=bananapi make image

    Oh yes, you got it without myproposal,

    majorkalina since you build image yourself, it will be quicker if you just change this line: ffmpeg-95.0002-add-common-v4l2-request-api-code.patch#l126 to +#include <drm/drm_fourcc.h>

    According to your advice:

    some h264 plays O.K. (SD), some empties the bottom quarter of the GUI (HD)

    mpeg2: downloaded file from net produces error (image and log attached), my own DVB-T channels and recordings only occasionally.

    cannot play .avi container:


    Kodi logs:

    roel  majorkalina please enable debug logging in settings and specifically enable ffmpeg logging in submenu. Then open MPEG2 aor H264 video and after that upload kodi log somewhere. This should provide clues why it doesn't work.

    It's hard to do development without hardware. Hopefully I can fix video playback and other features can be fixed by someone else who actually has A20 board(s).

    Thanks for reply, my logs:

    roel there is no HDMI audio support for A20, mainline or out-of-tree, but analog audio should work.

    Yes, CEC works, but it should be other way around, when Kodi starts, it should turn TV on, not off :) You can test by turning TV off and reboot MK808c. TV should turn on automatically.

    Can you please test video decoding? only MPEG2 and H264 are supported in HW.

    Hello, I compiled LE from repo (kernel 5.1) for my Lemaker Bananapi (A20);

    ir remote works, analog audio works, PC monitor hdmi works.

    But HW mpeg2 video decoding not (TV recording). Probably is needed some customization of kernel/ffmpeg

    Sorry, I forget one important line in my previous answer:

    # ir-keytable
    Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event1) with:
            Name: sunxi-ir
            Driver: sunxi-ir, table: rc-empty
            lirc device: /dev/lirc0
            Supported protocols: other lirc rc-5 rc-5-sz jvc sony nec sanyo mce_kbd rc-6 sharp xmp
            Enabled protocols: lirc nec
            bus: 25, vendor/product: 0001:0001, version: 0x0100
            Repeat delay = 500 ms, repeat period = 125 ms

    You have to see some enabled protocol (nec)

    If there is nothing to see, You can enable it manually:

    # ir-keytable -s rc0 -p NEC

    Why not allowed when loading is a great secret!

    There is very easy way to have success!

    According to Infrared Remotes [] and my experience

    Delete the file: \storage\.config\lircd.conf if exists.

    Find your remote in \usr\lib\udev\rc_keymaps\

    If You want to change something in found file; copy it to folder \storage\.config\rc_keymaps\ and there you can do it.

    Run command: ir-keytable

    You should see something like:

    Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event1) with:

    Name: sunxi-ir

    Driver: sunxi-ir, table: rc-empty

    lirc device: /dev/lirc0

    Supported protocols: other lirc rc-5 rc-5-sz jvc sony nec sanyo mce_kbd

    Create file \storage\.config\rc_maps.cfg with this content:

    sunxi-ir * tevii_nec

    There are no ffmpeg patches for this yet. Maybe wait until they are ready? Or you want to be proactive and help us with programming?


    I would like to help but I am not an expert in this field (ffmpeg, hw video acceleration and so on).


    When it comes to drm format modifiers patches i found this: [RESEND,v5,04/23] drm/sun4i: frontend: Pass DRM format info to input format helpers - Patchwork I do not know if it's all and if it's enough.


    According to Your recipe I created Libreelec for Bananapi A20 arm. I applied patches from kernel/git/next/linux-next.git, but I am confused about support for DRM format modifiers. Please, can You suggest a path?

    Thanks in advance