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    I did find. I chanced some lines in (kodipackage)/xbmc/windows/GUIWindowFileManager.cpp

    Someone wrote a note on line 629, I didn't do anything about it. Only I did disable lines 514-529. It's working.

    if (strDirectory.empty())


    CFileItemPtr pItem(new CFileItem("special://profile/", true));


    pItem->SetArt("thumb", "DefaultFolder.png");




    CFileItemPtr iItem(new CFileItem("special://envhome/Documents/Inbox", true));


    iItem->SetArt("thumb", "DefaultFolder.png");





    Thank you chewitt.

    I changed "packages/mediacenter/kodi/scripts/kodi-config" and "packages/mediacenter/kodi/" and added myself profiles.xml. It's great working.

    Now I have new a question.

    I want hiding "Profile Directory" selection in the File manager. I didn't do it.

    Thanks everyone.

    Hi everyone,

    I am compiling successfuly Libreelec v9 for s905 device. But I want to set default profile setting (profiles.xml) myself.

    The structure normally does not contain the profiles.xml file. Generating when Kodi starts.

    I tried change package kodi files and add manual profiles.xml but completed profiles.xml file is empty

    When system run on device auto generate standard new profiles.xml file with kodi starts.

    I waiting your helps. Thanks everyone.