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    I examined HOW-TO:Add a new window or dialog via skinning - Official Kodi Wiki for the custom_ prefix.

    I'm gonna clone the skin later.

    Yes. I using "systemctl restart kodi" command after each change.

    I'm using "ActivateWindow(10025,plugin://" command is run normaly in the default video windows.

    I would like to open the custom video window using the command "ActivateWindow (1100, plugin: //".

    I added my custom xml file in to <window id="1100"> header and copy full content of default video window file (MyVideoNav.xml 10025) but when I call 1100 goes to the empty window.

    Hi everyone,

    I would like creating custom window for a my media contents (like modified video panel). I copy MyVideoNav.xml However, only the blank page open.

    I'm using skin.mimic and created custom_1100_videopanel.xml in "/storage/.kodi/addons/skin.mimic/1080i/"

    What commands should we use to be like a video panel?

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    Thank you Trogggy for answer. Your suggestions make sense.

    Yes same source. I manually edited the 18000 channels to 3000 channels.

    I can't edit my .m3u file. Because my server is making daily changes. (eg adding new VODs)

    Debug log file is attached.

    I'm looking for a way to do Kodi faster.



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    I'm using iptv m3u url on my server directly and my iptv server offer 18000 channels.

    I have tried 3000 channels it takes about 15sec. I did know it.

    I need more speed starting 18000 channels.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using LE9 on amlogic S905W box and I added pvr.iptvsimple- addon. I have iptv playlist.m3u file (18.346 channels - 3.9MB).

    Fist run (creating database); writes "PVR manager is starting up" about 10-12 minutes when start kodi. and then shows loading icon about 2 minutes.

    Next runs; writes "PVR manager is starting up" about 1-3 minutes, shows loading icon about 5 minutes and then shows "Importing guide from clients" about 20sec.

    How to fix this?

    Kodi version: 18.04_b4-Leia

    PVR setting: no epg data

    System CPU usage: %40-50

    System Memory usage: 0.33/0.82GB

    Thank you everyone.

    I know that p7zip and 7zip are the same. No problem.

    I want make it like system application to unzip,tar etc. Because I'm stoping Kodi and running special scripts. I need extract .7z files.

    I want learn add custom application same time.

    I also added follow lines in and with the "scripts/build 7zip" command it creates "build_dir/7zip/.install_pkg/" folder. But with "make image" command doesn't build and add in image folder.

    I'm set OEM_SUPPORT="yes" in libreelec options file. Other packages are failing this time.

    1. makeinstall_target() {
    2. mkdir -p $INSTALL/usr/bin/
    3. cp -r bin/* $INSTALL/usr/bin/
    4. }

    You need to look into README file for instructions. Try with

    1. .............
    2. PKG_TOOLCHAIN="manual"
    3. pre_make_target() {
    4. cp makefile.linux_amd64 makefile.machine
    5. }
    6. make_target() {
    7. make all2 CC=$CC CXX=$CXX
    8. }

    I tried changing it, makefile.linux_amd64 -> makefile.linux_cross_aarch64

    Finished without error. Now how to add in system image? ( for /usr/bin )

    I don't know because I've never done it before.

    Hi everyone,

    I want opening .7z file in my libreelec_v9. I created package/7zip/ but didn't compile. What should I do?;





    PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET="toolchain zlib"

    PKG_LONGDESC="7zip Archive manager"


    I did find. I chanced some lines in (kodipackage)/xbmc/windows/GUIWindowFileManager.cpp

    Someone wrote a note on line 629, I didn't do anything about it. Only I did disable lines 514-529. It's working.

    if (strDirectory.empty())


    CFileItemPtr pItem(new CFileItem("special://profile/", true));


    pItem->SetArt("thumb", "DefaultFolder.png");




    CFileItemPtr iItem(new CFileItem("special://envhome/Documents/Inbox", true));


    iItem->SetArt("thumb", "DefaultFolder.png");





    Thank you chewitt.

    I changed "packages/mediacenter/kodi/scripts/kodi-config" and "packages/mediacenter/kodi/" and added myself profiles.xml. It's great working.

    Now I have new a question.

    I want hiding "Profile Directory" selection in the File manager. I didn't do it.

    Thanks everyone.