PVR manager is starting up

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm using LE9 on amlogic S905W box and I added pvr.iptvsimple- addon. I have iptv playlist.m3u file (18.346 channels - 3.9MB).

    Fist run (creating database); writes "PVR manager is starting up" about 10-12 minutes when start kodi. and then shows loading icon about 2 minutes.

    Next runs; writes "PVR manager is starting up" about 1-3 minutes, shows loading icon about 5 minutes and then shows "Importing guide from clients" about 20sec.

    How to fix this?

    Kodi version: 18.04_b4-Leia

    PVR setting: no epg data

    System CPU usage: %40-50

    System Memory usage: 0.33/0.82GB

    Thank you everyone.

  • I'm using iptv m3u url on my server directly and my iptv server offer 18000 channels.

    I have tried 3000 channels it takes about 15sec. I did know it.

    I need more speed starting 18000 channels.

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  • Are the 3000 and 18000 coming from the same source?

    If they're not then that comparison is meaningless.

    A debug log would tell you why it's taking so long - but the answer would still be 'too many channels'.

    If you're really exercised by this then write something to download the .m3u regularly, pull out the channels you want, make a small .m3u and point your addon at it. You could do that with a service addon, but it would be a lot of effort to go to.

    An easier option would be to leave your box switched on (as it uses next-to-no power) and refresh pvr.iptvsimple eg at 5AM every day.

  • Thank you Trogggy for answer. Your suggestions make sense.

    Yes same source. I manually edited the 18000 channels to 3000 channels.

    I can't edit my .m3u file. Because my server is making daily changes. (eg adding new VODs)

    Debug log file is attached.

    I'm looking for a way to do Kodi faster.


    • log.zip

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