Amlogic Device MAC Adress Problem

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    I am using Libreelec v9.0 on Amlogic x96 mini box. Box default MAC ID 90:XX:XX:XX:XX:D4 I see default MAC ID on android OS but I see different MAC ID on Libreelec.

    I want to using default box MAC ID on Libreelec. What sould I do?

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  • Your box is from a vendor who saved pennies by not securing a unique MAC address range for their products. As a result the NIC in your box does not have a programmed (fixed) MAC address. Under Android the kernel has been hacked to assign a static MAC address (normally unique to the 20k or so boxes in the production run). Under Linux the kernel hack doesn't exist. If you're lucky you get a different static MAC. If you're less lucky the kernel will generate a random MAC that changes on each boot. If can be "fixed" with a udev rule or systemd service that corrects it during boot. There's some threads on the topic in this forum if you search for them.

  • Thank you for answers. Libreelec MAC address is different of android, but doesn't change at startup

    I will examine the topic.