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    OPiPC there are many bugs

    I have tried a lot of work but I have problems

    very fractures of the software

    1. CEC Turns off my TV then goes

    2. pvr enigma2 restarts permanently and constantly restarts

    3. I have a chinese little keyboard 2,4 the most popular model when it is plugged into the port it can not boot Linux

    4. sometimes breaks green screen on h265. h265 10bit film not work

    5. sounds AC-3 keep it awful popping

    6. very good job only h264

    7. most probably other mistakes I did not find

    the above problems are not present libre elec 7 everything is working there

    if there was support on libre elec 7 h265 10 bit I would never replace it, just everything else works

    I apologize for the bad news, but I guess this is the idea to fix the mistakes

    1. good job H264

    2. H265 Some movies 24-frame problem some movies work normally some not

    3 No wants to rework the audio a little AC3 conversion . DTS to AC3 not work conversion

    4 HDMI CEC reboots my TV Philips. not work

    5 VC-1 codec add :)

    6 movie problems with .avi micro interruptions

    OrangePi PC test box good job must be activated SMB1 shared files work my pc windows10

    I plan the purchase of C-Media CM6206 USB audio card is there any code support? I want to make a sound from my orange I'm an optical input on my DVD system 5.1 S/PDIF. Will it work on KODI 16.1,17.6,18 I want to get Dolby® digital DTS DTS-HD DolbyTrueHD D Mster etc. I'm more interested in older versions at the moment open elec libre elec 7. I apologize if it is not the right place for my question

    PP: is it possible to do it S/PDIF orange pi pc SPDIF-OUT on the PA17 GPIO pin

    At the moment only hardware hardware acceleration works


    in this version and works steadily no problem

    The other new solution is here with wait for the person to finish the image

    Hello and thank you very much for your support. I Have Orange PI PC I have encountered the following problems

    1. Windows 7 (SMB) not work. No test Windows 10 I will soon try

    2 LibreELEC Add-ons notwork

    3.No built in pvr add-ons . I use it iptv simple client,VU+ / Enigma2 Client

    4.HD TV http stream 1080 problem h264. mpeg2 SD no problem

    5.Deinterlacing not work. Some files do not go

    6.M3U HD tv http stream 1080 problem h264 50 FPS green screen then breaks HW decoder. I'm not sure the chip does support 1080 50 FPS

    7.hdmi cec philips not work no problem.

    8. M3U HD tv http stream 1080 problem h264 25 FPS also has some problems does not run smoothly as a problem Deinterlacing

    hardware acceleration works well but there are more things to do to write

    I have the desire to test Orange PI PC philips32 1080p images :)

    Thanks in advance for the support and if you pay attention to these errors. The system works very very nice.

    I can also help with finding mistakes

    I am currently using OpenELEC-H3.arm-7.0-devel-20161026221506-r23113-g64b34b3-opipc it works great everything above but it also does not support several codecs