Geniatech Mygica HDStar DVB-S2 USB HD not working

  • ¿existe el controlador para esta sintonizadora?

    a mi no me la detecta con diferentes libreelec 8.0.2 a 8.2.5

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    Is there a driver for this tuner?

    it does not detect it with different libreelec 8.0.2 to 8.2.5

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  • Is there a driver for this tuner?

    as far as I know it may work with 8.2.5 but the tuner is known as very <X

    if the tuner is not working pls log in via ssh and post the output of dmesg | paste

  • First of all ask for the capital letters and not to publish in English

    I just installed version 8.2.5 and accessing the web in Settings / DVB Entries does not detect the tuner.

    I have entered by SSH and executed the dmesg command and it has given me this

  • Milhouse only publishes update .tar files so you need to install 8.2.5 and then manually update (copy the .tar to /storage/.update)

  • Hello I have already updated according to the indications and still does not detect the tuner. I send the results after the dmesg

  • if I do not understand wrong I have to send the result of the command lsusb -v

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  • urgs, wild guess - you have new version of that box (bought recently ? )

    id don't know about your warranty, but are you able to open the box and take a pic where we could read the chip names ?

    similar to


  • first of all THANKS

    The sitonizer I bought it again last month

    I attached the photos of the plate and the photos of the chip

  • then the only option is to wait for what I see in the link since March there is no solution, is it normal so much?

    What tuner does it work?

    I appreciate your interest in helping me

  • I can't predict if anyone comes around and has some patch.

    Could be tomorrow or next year. Sadly trsqr hasn't received anything : (

    Sadly due that refresh of that chip a lot USB-DVB-S2 devices are affected (DVBSky 960 likely too, TT 4200 ...).

    So basically I can't really tell you at the moment any good advice.

    "Workaround" is for example an Digibit R1 Sat>IP Box or maybe an Digibit Twin Sat>IP Box - but if this is useful or not depends at your Sat hardware.