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    hola a todos y gracias por ayudar, necesito ayuda con mi rasp 4, tengo instalado libreelec y cuando intento ver algo en 4K desde algún complemento, la reproducción se sacudirá, si ejecuto una película 4k directamente desde un disco duro, se reproduce bien , incluso algunas series me permiten verlo bien si lo bajo de 19800000 a 4163500 dentro de la configuración / elegir el programa y se ve perfectamente fluido, la pregunta es ¿puedes dejar que se establezca esa brita? ¿Cómo se haría?

    I have a question, can you change the audio of the HDMI from 1 to 2?

    in which it has audio it is seen with video delay and in which it does not have audio it looks good.

    I have the latest version 9.2.1


    hello, first of all thank all those who with your knowledge help to which we have no idea.

    Say that the image worked, but I tried to install an addon and it gave me an error so I had to format it and reinstall it and there it started in the problem because the TVheadend HTSP Client gives me a dependency error and it does not let me install it, the TVheadend server without problem.

    what can be done? Can another version be installed?

    Hello I have already updated according to the indications and still does not detect the tuner. I send the results after the dmesg

    First of all ask for the capital letters and not to publish in English

    I just installed version 8.2.5 and accessing the web in Settings / DVB Entries does not detect the tuner.

    I have entered by SSH and executed the dmesg command and it has given me this