Wetek Play 2 HDR to SDR 'conversion' support

  • I've done a lot of reading the last few days and just want to confirm my understanding on this topic.

    I've read that S912 devices have limited (but good enough) capability to convert HDR content to SDR, therefore avoiding the washed out effect.

    Is there any build of *Elec (or dare I say android ROM) that would allow the Wetek Play 2 to do the same?

    If not, what devices are people using that has S912, with a supporting LE build and harmony remote support?

    Thanks in advance.

  • There is no HDR to SDR conversion support in the AMLogic S905's Video Engine.

    There is no HDR to SDR conversion support in AMLogic LE software either. And definitely none in Android on S905's.

    You have to use latter S905X, S905D or S912 chipsets. Even then conversion is not really that good vs proper HDR.

    Ultimate solution buy a 4K HDR TV and compatible 4K HDR media player.

    Harmony remotes can be reprogrammed to be MCE remotes and they definitely work in LE Kodi Krypton.

  • Can’t say anything about HDR - SDR conversion but my Harmony 1100 is working absolutely fine with full button support. There is a manual somewhere here on how to make it work.

  • I am trying to make it out if the Wetek Play 2 with its Amlogic 905h chipset can play 4K HDR content on a 4K HDR capable TV properly.

    If I understand it right, there is no need for HDR->SDR conversion as the TV can process HDR (it should not be done therefore).

    the "normal" 905 is not HDR capable AFAIK, but maybe the 905h?

  • S905 does not support HDR, the -H means the chip is widevine/playready licensed.