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    I already came across these instructions and they didn't work for me which is why I asked.

    I should have said that the TV box isn't a Mi Box but a Tanix running Libre Elec.

    Anyway, it turns out the remote was a dud as I was sent an IR version and not a Bluetooth one.

    I had a quick look at the log. Most of the error messages relate to the inability to get the music directory on you NFS share.

    Is this still the correct path? No recent IP changes?


    Can you confirm you can access the NFS share using a laptop or phone?

    Pretty much all of the Warning messages state they're skipping the directories with your videos because they don't exist:

    WARNING: Process directory 'nfs://' does not exist - skipping scan.

    Can you play the videos via Kodi? Can you confirm you can access this directory using a phone or laptop?

    At the bottom there are a few examples of no info found but the bulk are warnings like the above.

    I've recently bought a Xiaomi Bluetooth Remote (see pics) after some of the comments on this forum.

    However, it came with no instructions and I'm stuck on the first hurdle. How do I enter Bluetooth pairing mode?

    Photo: eGo4lpF

    The remote I have has the button battery (CR2032), but I don't know what button combination to hold down.

    I'm trying to pair with a TV box, but also tested with my phone. The TV box can see my phone and my phone can see the TV box so Bluetooth is working.

    Can anyone help?

    Does it look like it's booting from the USB and failing or just going straight to Android?

    Do you see any messages on screen?

    Having read around via Google I see some people suggesting using the built in updater tool or the libreelec android app 'Reboot to libreelec'.

    I don't own the box but randomly was reading some articles on this. Sorry can't be more specific.

    I've done a lot of reading the last few days and just want to confirm my understanding on this topic.

    I've read that S912 devices have limited (but good enough) capability to convert HDR content to SDR, therefore avoiding the washed out effect.

    Is there any build of *Elec (or dare I say android ROM) that would allow the Wetek Play 2 to do the same?

    If not, what devices are people using that has S912, with a supporting LE build and harmony remote support?

    Thanks in advance.

    I'm currently using version 8.0.0 on a Wetek Play.

    Under Settings / Interface and the sub-heading 'Unit Formats' an option exists for 'Timezone country'.

    I was looking for the United Kingdom of Great Britain, which is more commonly known as UK (for United Kingdom) or GB (Great Britain). Official examples of both are in use, rarely is our full title used.

    In my first attempt to find it, I didn't see it because it's labelled as 'Britain (UK)'. It should be either Great Britain or United Kingdom or the two abbreviations: GB or UK.

    Please can you amend to avoid confusion? I would recommend UK to be consistent with 'Region default format' which has 'UK (24h).

    BTW great piece of software.

    I'm thinking of getting SCISHION V88 PRO TV which is off the recommended / working boxes list because at 30 USD its cheaper than upgrading my Ubuntu PC graphics card to a RX 460.

    I currently enjoy full HD audio Passthrough via Kodi on Ubuntu and wanted confirmation that these amlogic builds of libreElec will work the same for DTS-HD MA and TrueHD?

    Secondly, can anyone confirm for this box, that they got 4k, hevc, 10 bit, 24 fps to work?

    Does libreElec on amlogic support Flirc dongle or do I need to implement the other hack on the forum for Harmony support?

    Apologies if I posted this in the wrong place.


    The new plex plug in should run fine in kodi right?