Test LibreELEC images with KODI-19 for S9xxx

  • I share your pain I have tried several times, using diff images, followed the steps as prescribed in this forum, yet am not able to install the latest in USB or SD Card, to the point that I have bricked two boxes in the process, but I was able to recovered them through manufacturer firmware, If you are able to get this working please share your experience and how. Presently I am on Coreelec but my preference is Libreelec

  • Three versions of armv8: aarch64 (0618), amlgx (0629) and amlgxbb (0629), can be started on phicomm-t1, can play 4K video, WLAN is connected normally, only Bluetooth is not available. dtb is meson-gxm-q201

  • Does anybody know if latest image supports audio pass-through in Odroid-C2?


    No worries, it does not work. Also CEC does not work neither, kodi is not detected by my TV with the latest test image. I will keep using the latest official build 9.0.2 for the time being.

  • Audio is PCM only at this time. Some work being done on HBR audio for Raspberry Pi has inspired some ideals for similr with Allwinner support, and since both Allwinner and Amlogic share the same DesignWare HDMI core IP this might lead towards support in Amlogic too. I'm not sure why CEC is not working.. but it's not something I test (my AVR deliberately disables it). I'll flag to one of the upstream maintainers.

  • this CEC issue is weird and comes and gos with different builds

    ie I have a Nexbox A95X, I was using a 'arm-all' build from 2 months ago, just updated to the latest armv8 build and it doesn't work again....

    And I had a build about 3 months or so ago where it didn't work.....

    Anyway I need a VPN client so can't use these builds it appears.....

    Anyone recommend another build?


  • chewitt

    The dtb Bluetooth part of phicomm-t1 in 3.14.29 is:

    bt-dev {

    compatible = "amlogic, bt-dev";

    dev_name = "bt-dev";

    status = "okay";

    gpio_reset = <0x27 0x60 0x0>;


    How to migrate to 5.7.6?