feedback for test build LibreELEC-RK3328

  • which one is the correct threat for the nightly testing?

    is anywhere a collection of eventually possible workarounds for knows problems (stutter or whatever)?

  • Kwiboo

    I'm not sure if this is intentional or not but it appears that some recent builds (in this case devel-20190416231707-c1c92b1) do not have the RTL8812AU module.

  • I've tested the latest image (LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.80-nightly-20190622-afccdbc-box-trn9.img.gz) on my R10 RK3328 Android TV box.

    The good things are there's Wi-Fi, audio is good, it plays every file I've tested.

    The bad things: 1) While viewing videos, Android box randomly freezes after a few minutes (sometimes I have to unplug/re-plug it, other times it reboots itself)

    2) 4K Video colors look washed out, pale

    3) Mpeg4 files are choppy, they don't use HW acceleration

  • Just to add to my original comment, I believe the video freezes only when playing BD files. It doesn't matter if I choose to play a Blu-Ray via BD menu or through a simplified Kodi menu. It freezes anyway.

  • does LibreELEC-RK3328 also improve LibreELEC-RK3399 as there isn't a dedicated LibreELEC-RK3399 thread comparable to this one here.

  • Latest build for my RK3328 box I tried out (LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.80-nightly-20190719-235fdbc-box-trn9.img.gz) looks quite good, but I can't download anything from the Kodi Repository (or any repository for that matter) even though I'm connected to the Internet.

  • Hi

    Here are some new RK3328 images but on the older stable 4.4 kernel.

    Added Mpeg4 hardware acceleration

    Lots of other optimizations and kernel, mpp, rkbin updates

    MVR9 with orange/red DPAD remote without numbered keys


    Bqeel, TICTID remote with numbered keys






    Can use it until mainline images have support for for 4K, HDR, 10-bit color & fractional frame-rates.

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  • Hey, mo123, could you maybe build the RK3328 image for "Generic Rockchip Box" with MPEG4 HW acceleration?

  • thanks for the share, it totally fixes my x264 issues (rock64 1gb ver 2.0 2017), I was using the main one and after the first video it should start pausing every few seconds. x265 still causes some random dmesg cpu 3 exit or something but playback at 1080p is fine. HDR and 10bit color killed it but that's fine. Grateful for the smooth playback up to 8bit x265 1080p!

    edit: can you take a look at this though, I was playing an f4v file I guess using cpu? Top said usage was around 14% and it froze today unexpectedly. I did the dmesg |paste here’s the link

    [ 264.095709] rk-vcodec ff360000.rkvdec: resetting...
    [ 276.110181] Watchdog detected hard LOCKUP on cpu 2

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