Random Restart on Rpi2 (8.2.4)

  • Refer this thread: Random reboot on 8.2.4 with rPi 2

    Hello there,

    The last thread is closed (i think the reason the other user arrogant answer...) But the problem is exist now.

    I glad to help you to fix this (send logs, etc....) so i think the moderator miss someting...

  • vamp

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  • Hi Guys!

    Any news in this theme? Now i'm get stuck on version 8.2.3, Every newest update do a random restart. I try OSMC but it much slower like Libreelec...

  • Hello there,

    I try the latest Libreelec 9.0 alpha release but it do a same (random reboot, sometimes in menu, not play anything!)

    the last working version to me the 8.2.3 all newest version is do a random reboot....

    I don't know who change after this version, but now i'm a bit worried that i stuck and never able to update again...

  • Looking at this, and the other thread you mentioned, it seems to me that it is related to some (or all) add-ons that you are using.

    I and others, have been using 8.2.5 on RPi2 & 3 without any issues.

    Can you provide kodi and dmesg log files, as explained in my signature, also the url from "top -b -n 10|paste".

    Also, if possible explain what is happening prior to a reboot and length of time before a reboot.

    Another question? Is this a fresh install or an upgrade from OE?

  • Now i use 8.2.3 release, but the other thread, i attach the log files.




    it restart whole system, not just kodi (i see rainbow picture)

    It is a fresh install, i try to reinstall a lot of time, but no success, if i update all 2 newest stable release (or fresh install it) My Pi is random reboot.

    I use only one addon, PlexKodiConnect. (i use it now on 8.2.3 without any problem)

  • Now i do a full reinstall, format SD etc... Install latest stable Libreelec (8.2.5) and not install PlexKodiConnect, now i try Plex for Kodi..

    The result is totally same... It restart about 10 min later, than i watch a movie...

    After, i try to downgrade 2.8.3, but it restart when i download the update(!!!)... try it again, now it is finish downgradeing and i working without problem with plex for kodi addon....

    I dont understand... It happen both of differnent addon (i really dont install any other one!)

    The strangest, that not report any other people this problem...

    I thinking that is a hardware fault, but i dont know, why working normally with 8.2.3 version??

    smp the RAM overclocking changed from 8.2.3 to 8.2.4?

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  • I had some weird issues like this some time ago...Rpi 2 was working fine with 8.2.3 and started acting strangely from 8.2.4 onwards..Don't ask me what the reason is cause I even posted a debug log but there seem to be nothing of any help..

    Try this maybe it helps to solve your issue:

    Make sure you have LE 8.2.3 installed,

    Take your sd card out of your rpi and copy these 3 firmware files from your sd card to your PC

    1. /flash/bootcode.bin
    2. /flash/fixup.dat
    3. /flash/start.elf

    Now insert your sd card back to your Rpi and update your LE to 8.2.5

    Take sd card back out and go back to your PC and replace those 3 files from the 8.2.5 with the ones you saved from the LE 8.2.3...

    If it works properly this way for you it may be easier to hopefully debug the issue..

  • vamp it's very (very!) unusual for a Kodi related issue to cause the entire system to reboot. I'm not even sure what could cause the system to reboot (apart from a malicious addon) - normally if there's a problem the system might freeze, behave strangely or Kodi will crash, but almost never have I seen the system spontaneously reboot.

    The Kodi crash log you posted (from http://ix.io/11w3) shows a MMAL crash (video player), but you're saying 8.2.3 is good and 8.2.5 is bad, so I'm not sure what the relevance is of the 8.2.2 crash log?

    Given the unusual reboot behaviour I would suspect a hardware issue, possibly insufficient power supply. What kind of power supply are you using, what is the rating in amps?

    It is possible the firmware in 8.2.4/8.2.5 causes the GPU to do more work which changes the power profile of the device, requiring slightly more powe and, if your power supply is marginal , it could turn a stable 8.2.3 device into an unstable 8.2.5 device. The solution is to use a correctly specified power supply with your Raspberry Pi.

    If you are using a correctly specified power supply, and continue to have these "random restarts" then try a different RPi board, if possible.

    If you continue to experience Kodi crashing (ie. not system reboot) while playing movies then please reproduce the issue with a LibreELEC 9/Kodi 18 test build as the version of Kodi in LE8.2.5 is no longer developed, so no fixes will be possible. Post a crash log in the Kodi forum thread from the LE9 build, ideally with a sample movie, and we can investigate that and hopefully provide a fix in LE9.

  • milhouse Thanks the deep answer!

    I use a 5V, 2.1A power supply. Now, i changed a 5V 2.5A power supply (a tablet charger) but it do the same (random restart)

    Other info: I try to OSMC, only install plex for kodi and update to the latest version. It do the the exactly same thing!

    So it maybe a kernel and/or Kodi Issue?

    Yes, i try to the latest 18 beta, and if reboot, i paste the error log here. ( i do this sometime next week)


    I will try your method, if this solve the issue, i think it is a very big help the devs to investigate the problem!

  • Mario77 This fix is working!!!!

    I copy your mentioned file to 8.2.5 and i watch a movie about 1 hour without any problem!!

    milhouse It help you or other dev to investigate the bug?