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    Hi milhouse

    I tested all daily builds that you suggest me. All stable, no reboot.

    What is the next step?


    Today i watch about 2 hour movie constantly and no random reboot ( #0620 + #0226 firmware files)

    Tomorrow i will test remaining builds.

    Now i finish the test. It no restart ( #0620 + #0226 firmware files)

    What do you think milhouse it is possible to create a test release that include the latest firmware, but not include this changes?

    1. Firmware (Mar 5):
    2. firmware: dtoverlay: Also allow fragment-<n> in overlays
    3. firmware: i2c_gpio: Optimise and run clients faster

    Now i try to test daily builds:(#0227, #0228, #0301, #0302, #0303 #0304)

    Hi milhouse

    Now i tried a another thing. I copy the latest working firmware files (#0226) to most recent build that you link (#0313 ) Now i watched a movie about 1 hour and this build working like a charm! (no reboot)

    I copy these files:

    1. /flash/bootcode.bin
    2. /flash/fixup.dat
    3. /flash/start.elf

    My next plan, to copy this firmware to latest test build ( #0620)

    If it working and no reboot, i think it is sure the the problem is only the firmware.

    After i test this, i try the other daily builds that you link me.

    Hello there,


    I think i found the "dividing line"

    I tested this builds:






    From #0313 to #0305. all builds is random restart maximum 10-15 min after that i start the movie. On the #0226 i watched about 1 hour without problem. No restart.

    So i think the problem between #0305-#0226

    Mario77 This fix is working!!!!

    I copy your mentioned file to 8.2.5 and i watch a movie about 1 hour without any problem!!

    milhouse It help you or other dev to investigate the bug?

    milhouse Thanks the deep answer!

    I use a 5V, 2.1A power supply. Now, i changed a 5V 2.5A power supply (a tablet charger) but it do the same (random restart)

    Other info: I try to OSMC, only install plex for kodi and update to the latest version. It do the the exactly same thing!

    So it maybe a kernel and/or Kodi Issue?

    Yes, i try to the latest 18 beta, and if reboot, i paste the error log here. ( i do this sometime next week)


    I will try your method, if this solve the issue, i think it is a very big help the devs to investigate the problem!

    Now i do a full reinstall, format SD etc... Install latest stable Libreelec (8.2.5) and not install PlexKodiConnect, now i try Plex for Kodi..

    The result is totally same... It restart about 10 min later, than i watch a movie...

    After, i try to downgrade 2.8.3, but it restart when i download the update(!!!)... try it again, now it is finish downgradeing and i working without problem with plex for kodi addon....

    I dont understand... It happen both of differnent addon (i really dont install any other one!)

    The strangest, that not report any other people this problem...

    I thinking that is a hardware fault, but i dont know, why working normally with 8.2.3 version??

    smp the RAM overclocking changed from 8.2.3 to 8.2.4?