Random reboot on 8.2.4 with rPi 2

  • Hello there, I affect random reboot on rpi2 on latest release. if i switch back to 8.2.3, the problem is gone.

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  • No need to use a braille font size, we can read the default font size just fine ;)

    For the real problem, we will need at least a full kodi.log (or kodi.old.log) file uploaded to pastebin.com so we can see what is going on with your RPi2 with latest release.

  • I downgrade so i need to update again and wait that will happen again. after i send you the log!

  • Well it is happened again... the restart happen about 18:14, but this time is missing the kodi.log (and kodi.old.log)

    Kodi.log: Z6q

    Kodi.old.log: Z6x

  • No one affect this problem?

    I switch back 8.2.3 and working well, so it is certainly software problem.

  • Actually the file /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi_crash.log may be more useful - you can upload this from within 8.2.3.

  • No logs, no problems to solve. :)

    Try to attach the logs, like me, i hope it will help to developers resolve this issue.

    I have more than 1000 torrents of private trackers seeding on Transmission and I just cant afford loose time of seeding to avoid warnings, so back to 8.2.3 and problem solved :)

  • Then in future, simply do not create any threads on the LibreELEC forum anymore, since you simply cannot afford to lose any of your precious time