Recommended devices for a decent Android box / Libreelec platformLib

  • Hi,

    Just looking for recommendations for a pain-free experience.

    I have an old HP PC running Libreelec with an XBOX DVB (HD) adaptor and, for the most part, this works (apart from the tvheadend client freezing Kodi regularly).

    However, I can't get Netflix on it although I believe this is going to be available in the next version of Kodi (?)

    I was looking on Gearbest and there are a few devices that may fit the bill:

    MECOOL BB2 PRO TV Box Android 7.1 3GB DDR4 + 16GB EU PLUG-$89.42 Online Shopping|

    MECOOL HM8 TV Box Amlogic S905X Quad Core EU PLUG-$31.99 Online Shopping|

    Would those be OK (for a TV box without Libreelec / with) or is there a better platform?



  • I have the MeCOOL BB2 Pro but rarely used it due to Linux framebuffer support of S912 processor. Look for kszaq's thread for better explanation. All my S905/S905X boxes were bought more than a year ago (for example I only got Mini M8S II and not M8S III), not sure dtb for LibreELEC is available.

    Netflix on MeCOOL BB2 Pro as well as other S905/S905X works but I don't watch Netflix with those boxes all the time. Mrs prefers the Roku stick for Netflix.

    You did mention XBox DVB adapter (I presumed USB stick) which is not applicable in my area, However, I use S905/S905X devices with ATSC TV stick (Hauppauge and KWorld) for TVHeadEnd server/PVR as well as client which run without any problem. You might be able to replace your old PC with another S905 box as well, this is what I did. I read somewhere on this Forum, the XBox DVB adapter is supported by LibreELEC.

  • The S912 gives with one hand and takes with the other. It has more CPUs but fewer graphics cores. Those graphics cores are also less well supported in the kernel. Support for S905 Is more mature in Libreelec.

    Overall the S905 comes out equal with the S912 in benchmarks and real world applications. Stick with the S905.


  • So, just a few more questions, sorry...

    Either this:

    MECOOL M8S Pro+ TV Box Amlogic S905X Android 7.1 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM-$44.99 Online Shopping|

    or this:

    Mini M8S III Amlogic S905X TV Box 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM-$51.31 Online Shopping|

    would be fine?

    Which would be preferred?

    Am I right in thinking that I wouldn't need to use my Xbox1 HD DVB adaptor because this has one inside the box?

    Would I be also right in thinking that my Xbox1 HD DVB adaptor would work with this and, therefore, I get an additional tuner from which to record from?

    Thanks for any replies.

  • The Mecool KI pro or KII pro are now reasonably priced and very well supported in LE.


  • I believe both should work but I don't own either of them. I also think you could find corresponding dtb for those boxes for adamg's Leia build. I haven't check their specifications so I couldn't answer which one is better than the others.

    I don't think either one of them comes with built-in DVB tuner. I believe only the MeCOOL KI or KII Pro got DVB tuner built-in.

    Not sure which Xbox HD DVB adapter you have but they did mentioned in External USB DVB-T2 for LE that Xbox DVB-T stick is supported (by CvH at the very bottom post).

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    a very inexpensive box that can read all the files on my tv full hd

    TVs usually do not have files on them, but the latest Raspberry Pi 3B+ will do just fine for 1080p displays.

  • You mentioned that you wanted DVB capability, the KI at about €60.00 is the cheapest way to get that and it doesn't run the risk of finding your USB DVB isn't fully supported. Otherwise as someone else said any S905 box will do. However at this extreme cheap end of the range there are many clone boxes which can cause lots of issues since often they are not what they claim to be and it might take a while to find a suitable dtb.

    As someone pointed out, a RPI3 is the most reliable solution to your wants.