External USB DVB-T2 for LE

  • Hello. I'm looking for a DVB-T USB Stick that has LE support from kszaq on S905x box (Beelink Mini MXIII-II).

    Chipset MN88473 works?


    Thank you

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  • That "Astrometa" stick does not work "out of the box" in any Amlogic release/build (S905: 7/8/8.9), but it can be made to work, see [link to thread]. In my (limited) experience, the stick does not function as reliable (more "pixelization") in Amlogic as in RPi.

    From other "el cheapo" sticks: I have tried (shortly) MyGiga (Geniatech) t230c, which worked "out of the box". That stick has, however, a tendency to die after longer use (in RPi). And, in my understanding, the Xbox one digital tuner works, at least in newer builds/releases. No personal experience of that, however ...

  • Hi, I can confirm that the Xbox one tuner works fine, with LE and TV headend, I have a number of S905 boxes, one has the Xbox tuner and hard drive for recording and all other boxes can access the TV tuner and recordings over my network, (however remember only one box can access the live TV stream at a time).

  • Hi, yes that's the one, I bought a couple of them, off of Amazon for about £9.00 each, works a treat, gets all the usual uk freeview channels including HD.

  • and can this - h.265/hevc? or does it depend on the hardware in which it is connected?


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  • Sorry don't know the answer to that, all I know is that it receives all the DVB T2 HD channels in the UK, I don't think there are any H265 HEVC terrestrial transmissions in the UK, I will have to let a more somebody with a bit more knowledge answer this one.

  • and can this - h.265/hevc?

    The stick only provides the raw stream to the Client regardless what codec is used. So if you client can handle HEVC it works.

    Beware !! the stick is reported general good working at DVB-T2 but not that good for DVB-C - its a ~10€ Stick from Amazon - not too much could go wrong :)

  • Hello. I have found the Xbox One Digital Tuner to find everything from h264 but not h265 / hevc ... Is DVB-T2 declared ... Do some drivers have to be?

    TVH reports Panasonic MN88472 #0 : DVB-T #0

    Thank you ....

  • TVH debug:
    2018-04-09 21:17:51.508 subscription: 03DC: "scan" subscribing to mux "706MHz", weigh t : 6, adapter: "Panasonic MN88472 #0 : DVB-T #0", network: "pokus", service: "Raw PID Subscription"¨
    2018-04-09 21:17:56.508 mpegts: 706MHz in pokus - scan no data, failed