Word "h u m a n" in "h u m a n interface device" (usb & bt hid) censored by forum word filter

  • The hid identifier "h u m a n interface device" is common for USB and Bluetooth devices but somehow the forum word filter software get triggered by the word "h u m a n".

  • Bbtw what about "b o o s t"? This is blacklisted too? It's a bit tricky to talk about the c++ lib while it's name is forbidden.

  • Because "b o o s t" is usually related to "p e n i s" ;(

    my lamp addon (unofficial/community) (limited no support)
    my touchscreen support and instructions by Grruhn (now touchscreen addon exists in repository)

  • In which language?

    the pharma spam is really creative, they avoid clear words like p i ll s or something, instead they are using "b o o sting your h ealt h" etc ...

    not too much options to reduce it without hardcore nagging all users

  • Guess something like:

    1. short pen1s = 8;
    2. while(pen1s--)
    3. {
    4. cout << "b00st=" << pen1s;
    5. }

    But I see what you mean. Wouldn't it be suitable to prevent spam post by integrating some (re)captcha of other kind of approval into the registration process? Or are there already work arounds for them that were used by bots?

  • Or are there already work arounds for them that were used by bots?

    We already useing the "best" what google offers at the highest setting, that helps against bots but not against "asien bots" that easily work around that.

    some of the other spam we got (thats a single post)... i have no idea whats wrong with those ppl


  • Okay it's almost impossible to prevent humans to register fake accounts but it's some kind of cliche that htpc nerds need some b00st or stuff in that way ;)