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    Could you check if the Ubuntu & LE ucm files for your audio device differ?

    Your audio device wasn't detected, the output should look like:

    phoenix:~ #  lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 audio
    00:1f.3 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 100 Series/C230 Series Chipset Family HD Audio Controller [8086:a170] (rev 31)
    Subsystem: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd 100 Series/C230 Series Chipset Family HD Audio Controller [1458:a182]
    Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel
    Kernel modules: snd_hda_intel


    supervisedthinking@x220l:~$  lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 audio
    00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller [8086:1c20] (rev 04)
    Subsystem: Lenovo 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller [17aa:21da]
    Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel
    Kernel modules: snd_hda_intel

    Yes? i have several logs in this dir, it was test build, but sound not working too(

    Well I wasn't expecting working audio I just wanted to be sure that it does not work in recent master based builds & I did not screw up something.

    So which audio output did you chose in Kodi? Have you tried each one? Because I googled a bit and looks like the usual stuff you need to make it work is in place. The kernel module is included, the ucm files are installed & the card is detected by the kernel. :/

    drivers - "Intel SST Audio Device WDM" not working on Xubuntu 18.04 - Ask Ubuntu

    what is the output of:

    lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 audio | paste

    you can also try:

    echo "blacklist snd_soc_skl" >>/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

    and reboot.

    Good afternoon, I installed your assembly on the Charry trail netbook Intel Atom X8350, everything works except for sound, aplay -l view and HDMI and chtnau8824, kodi sees it too, but the sound does not go through the code or from the console, ucm files are available, on ubuntu 19.04 the sound works immediately, through alsamixer I see the settings and sound levels, but there is no sound itself.
    There are some additional sound modules on ubuntu, but they are not in Libreelec. and I can not find them in linux.x86_64.conf
    Have any ideas? =) Please Help)

    Well does it work with any stock/vanilla LE version? If not it's a matter of LE and not really for this build only. So please check this first and if it doesn't work in other LE builds e.g. libreelec-generic.x86_64-9.1.501.img.gz then it has to solved upstream.

    Btw. to generate nice logs just enter your command whatever args | paste and you'll get a link which contains the output. And while your at it read the start post again how to grab the and post it here.

    thanks for your job !

    i have install on my libreelec 9.1 and its very cool version.

    On all RR version, emulstation dont work for me (oopsss i fix it, its my old emulstation the problem :) but volume is very high in PCSX2) and on the nightly version my DS4 dont work (but works with builds version)

    Well I don't support updating from vanilla LE so please use my images and start with a clean installation :/

    Emulationstation works fine here on all of my systems so logs or no problem /shrug

    I have no DS4 controllers but they should at least pair so same thing... logs or no problem /shrug

    It's normal that PCSX2 and basically all other programs are quite loud as long as you use ALSA as audio backend. Simply switch to PulseAudio in my seetings addon as described in the FAQ, a volume slider will appear & adjust the master volume to your needs. :thumbup:

    I don't know with which release it started to work again (I remember to have tested it with the 07/10 release maybe, and it was still not working) but hey, chrome is working again now (the issue about Intel 3000 igpu)! Thank you!

    Probably Mesa 19.2.1 or a recent Linux kernel bump. It can alway be a bit tricky if you're running the latest software versions. But good to know that it's fixed.

    Build RR-20191013-b5875c0 | uploaded for Generic/RK3399/RPi2 | Index of /nightly/

    • updated to latest LE 9.80 / master branch
    • updated RPi Linux kernel to 5.3.5
    • updated to meson build to 0.52.0
    • updated dav1d to 0.5.0
    • updated gameOS Pegasus theme to v0.6.6
    • added OpenBOR -> delete your es_systems.cfg & place your games with .pak extension in /storage/roms/openbor
    • updated several libretro-cores
    • updated RPCS3

    heisenberg I've tested OpenBOR with a BOR.pak on a Generic & RPi2 system so I assume it should work fine. I haven't tested any other fancy pak file so you might run into some issues with those /shrug


    Spotify does not fill my screen 100%.

    There is a large black border around it.

    Is this a known issue?


    Normally all programs should scale to fullscreen. So if Spotify does not you probably you have to setup your xorg.conf properly or... well add some logs? Could also be you TV which scales wrong... use native display settings and not format adjustments. /shrug


    this project looks awesome.

    (When) will Raspberry Pi 4 be supported?

    I guess when the next LTS Linux kernel 5.4 will be released because then the focus shifts to that & vendor specific stuff for RPi will be pushed to this repo instead of 4.19.y like they do now. Also the firmware for the RPi4 sees rapid development... I guess at this point it should be stable for general usage. Beside that I haven't bought a RPi4 because... well basically no need for it since I already have to many devices laying around. If some people are willing to test I can build images for them but don't be afraid to end up as guinea pig.

    I just restored my SD card dump and the LibreELEC addon server (now again?) has the 9.0 addons for 905 ( addons.xml.gz ).

    However, in your most recent build (RR-20190326-8c1b004) it's version 9.1 and that is not on the server currently.

    I just wanted to say that the box has some serious real estate, hence it's nowhere sold at such low prices as $25. DVB tuner, lots of RAM, Bluetooth, etc. plays even Quake and all sorts of games. And that doesn't change as the box gets older! It even runs Openload videos 1080p inside Firefox on Android and ARMbian (but of course not LibreELEC). It would be a shame if it turns out broken, just because someone deleted the less pretty files on their server and no one bothered to mirror it.

    If I could I would use Android, just for the browser. But the internal NAND is corrupted. That is how I happened to install LibreELEC on the first place. Android on the other hand however doesn't at all work properly with retro gaming. So I feel I have gained more than I lost.

    Well I guess you did not get the underlying problem. The last official LE build was 9.0 for AML & the recent one is 9.2 but mine was 9.1 which is obviously superflous now. The addon repo is tied to a specific set of package versions & rebuilding them takes time & space and so the LE servers probably ditched the 9.1 repo which was probably only for development purposes populated.

    I currently can't offer a proper AMLGX (S905/S905X/S90...) image until it gets proper mainline Linux kernel support. I can build one and if you like subpar performance & crackling audio then you'll be happy. People are working on these issues so be patient. If you're not patient then get a NUC + USB DVB hardware.

    It doesn't matter how old your device is it's all about the software support. You could run a 5.3 kernel on 15 year old Intel or AMD hardware. You can even run kernel 5.3 on a RPi 1 because they either offer a recent BSP kernel or have send patches upstream to support their hardware properly. Amlogic focues on Android which means they hack one kernel together and you have to deal with it until your box dies because of faulty hardware or else.

    If you need more information about this topic read:
    Linux Kernel v5.3 released, our contributions - BayLibre
    How We Improved AmLogic Support in Mainline Linux - BayLibre

    I don't quite understand. I have used LibreELEC-RR before with this box and the addon repository was working back then for 905. In fact, the entire box works flawlessly with your Mod.

    It's a Mecool Ki Pro and it's 100% working on the 3.14 kernel. It got DVB tuners 2GB RAM and it's still $150 on Amazon.

    Thank god I found a backup now from February, where I had TVHeadend already installed!

    Well this probably doesn't matter. The addon repo was most likely replaced with versions compiled for mainline kernel where the current development is focused on. It doesn't matter what a box retails for at Amazon... you can get them quite cheap at aliexpress. Kernel 3.14 was released more than 5 years ago and there is simply no way to build recent software with it.

    So you have to wait until mainline kernel somewhat fully supports these SoCs. This is not LibreELECs fault but rather Amlogic which refuse to offer proper software support for their stuff.

    Well the last Amlogic builds were afaik based on LE9.0 & the BSP-Kernel 3.14.29 which was basically hacky & not maintained. Until there is somehwat proper mainline support for Amlogic SoCs (see start [linux-meson]) you have to wait for updates or replace those 25$ tv boxes which were not properly supported by the manufactures.

    I technically can build AMLG12 & AMLGXL images but they have still some flaws like imperfect audio output or subpar performance.

    Test the latest update. Hopefully this fixes the startup problems.

    Build RR-20191009-d00f027 | uploaded for Generic | Index of /nightly/

    • updated to latest LE 9.80 / master branch
    • updated Generic Linux kernel to 5.3.5
    • updated to mesa 19.2.1
    • updated vulkan to 1.1.124
    • updated Pegasus frontend to Alpha 13
    • updated dosbox-sdl2 to 0.74-3 / r4250
    • added missing execeutable bit for ES & RA python scripts
    • updated several libretro-cores
    • updated Retroarch ressources (core-info, gamepad config etc.)
    • updated Citra, Dolphin & RPCS3