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    About the AVX patches -> you've included all of them or just cherry picked some for your nuc?

    GitHub - clearlinux-pkgs/linux

    Btw the new spotify starting scripts work fine. As far as i understand you changed to systemd for executing the script instead of directly use kodi for this purpose?

    Anyone got a clue how to close the "about" window of dolphin? The windows version features a "cross" that allows me to close the screen but it's missing in the linux build.

    I've reverted the changes, made a new "old" build and well there wasn't much to find in /var/log/spotify.log just one line:

    "Sending action: RunScript(/usr/bin/"

    So it looks like spotify won't start at all. But when I use the script after adding muteonly I get the following log:

    Beside the DBUS stuff thats literally the same output spotify delivers after starting per ssh. So I don't knwo what's wrong, maybe stopping kodi stops also the execution of the script? Your's is working fine as long as I run it from the console but it won't work from kodi menu.

    This behavior started after a clean installation on both of my x86 htpcs in mid of december so some weeks after your last changes. Looks like others had the same problem. Is your NUC running fine with a fresh install or did you "just" upgrade everytime? Anyway it's pretty strange.


    Does your spotify still work? I can't start it from kodi but it works fine when I start it at the console.

    I've compiled two builds that included the recent spotify bash script and the version you've merged before. Both won't start spotify but leave me with a black screen. Putty & " unfreeze" solves this problem but I guess there's something wrong with the script. at le82 · escalade/ · GitHub at 5ad807a3c6964bfc7aa3e64e9a950255e07ea25d · escalade/ · GitHub

    Then I tried the pretty old one and this script works fine for me: at 3b3c65ef678df24ac036673539ace889994ee9a3 · escalade/ · GitHub

    So as I mentioned I'm no programmer so I need "a little" help to figure out what's wrong ;)


    maybe not pretty but this does the trick for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    spotify: fixed blank/black screen · 5schatten/[email protected] · GitHub


    I've forked your repo and try to cherry pick usefull stuff and kernel 4.15.2 is up and running so atm I'm updating/optimizing the kernel config file.

    You've been updating it too and added

    1. CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE="/storage/"

    Now I was wondering what's the right path to include this file on my system since this line points to the build directory of the kernel.

    1. CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE_DIR="external-firmware"

    So do I have to change the INITRAMFS to something like this? Because this would point to the build directory in my user directory.

    1. CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE="~/libreelec/5schatten/"

    TL:DR you should activate KPTI and use kernel 4.15 since there is not really a noticeable performance impact while using dolphin.

    I've used this benchmark

    [Unofficial] New Dolphin 5.0 CPU benchmark - results automatically updated!


    GA-B150N Phoenix-WIFI + patched microcode bios


    8GB DDR4

    64GB Samsung 830 PRO SSD

    AVX & generic builds

    AVX LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2-devel-20180130

    246s meteor-contest

    282s n-body

    338s pi-digits

    195s spectral-norm

    AVX LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2-devel-20180206-KPTI_RETPOLINE

    245s meteor-contest

    283s n-body

    337s pi-digits

    195s spectral-norm

    generic LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.2-devel-20180202

    246s meteor-contest

    278s n-body

    338s pi-digits

    194s spectral-norm

    Well to be honest I'm just a mechanical engineer so not much into software development but it's not that hard to set up a VM and debian server for compiling purposes so I'm gonna do it.

    I don't know if you ever heard about the so called low base effect but it's pretty the same. Still you achieve 126,6fps and thats roughly 10% less but still more than most screens can handle. But in Witcher 3 on ultra settings. Even if there would be a drop of 10% on dolphin I would switch to NTSC & 50Hz and I'm fine.

    If you feel bossed around by someone asking if its possible or makes a suggestion then I'm not sure if you should publish such a custom distribution at all. I'm (we're) not demanding, claiming or command you to do something we just ask for usefull features. And hell yes since a browser is included and most of us use third party add-ons it would be usefull to activate the patches. I'm fine anyway since my skylake board got it's microcode patches, my rpi's are not affected and my apollo lake htpc does not use the browser but others do and are screwed if they check out the wrong page.

    My root password is already changed and ssh disabled as long as I don't need it. Gaming performance is mostly not affected by spectre patches and if you don't run run dolphin and PCSX2 emulators on decent hardware you're screwed anyway. Or why do you think I've got a i3-6100 installed at my HTPC.

    Meltdown and Spectre: does patching your PC impact game performance? ⢠

    Already setting up a VM on my own. Thx. See dude I've donated in the past and would keep donating for usefull custom distributions but as I see it's not needed since you're too busy. Maybe you shouldn't look down at any user asking question or participate in this thread.

    The performance of a patched kernel 4.15 equals the performance of an unpatched kernel 4.11 that's what I read. And since most of the demanding processes are done by the igp oder dedicated decoders/encoders I don't see why i should sacrifice security for performance I haven't had before.

    You don't care about security concerns. Got it. But I stick to this point of view: