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    Well it always bothered me that Dolphins "about dialogue" was screwed up and showed utterly garbage. It uses a script to gather some system & git version information that were displayed later in this window:

    The windows build you can download shows the right format so the release 5.0-8223 / branch master / revision git commit.

    Below you see what Dolphin lists in my linux build:

    Code: scmrev.h
    1. #define SCM_REV_STR "585aa88df03c4f855ef8d66c8d970060986681fb"
    2. #define SCM_DESC_STR "7.90.001-5975-dirty"
    3. #define SCM_BRANCH_STR "libreelec-9.0-rr"
    4. #define SCM_IS_MASTER 0
    5. #define SCM_DISTRIBUTOR_STR "None"
    6. #define SCM_UPDATE_TRACK_STR ""

    But it should look like this:

    Code: scmrev.h - correct
    1. #define SCM_REV_STR "7388094e837dc2da9288769db689cd386c7f05bb"
    2. #define SCM_DESC_STR "5.0-8223"
    3. #define SCM_BRANCH_STR "Master"
    4. #define SCM_IS_MASTER 0
    5. #define SCM_DISTRIBUTOR_STR "None"
    6. #define SCM_UPDATE_TRACK_STR ""

    So I added an ugly hack to pre_make_target() to overwrite the wrong information:

    Code: ugly rev hack
    1. #ugly version hack
    2. PKG_DOLPHIN_RELEASE="5.0-8223"
    3. PKG_DOLPHIN_BRANCH="Master"
    4. printf "#define SCM_REV_STR \""$PKG_VERSION"\"\n""#define SCM_DESC_STR \""$PKG_DOLPHIN_RELEASE"\"\n""#define SCM_BRANCH_STR \""$PKG_DOLPHIN_BRANCH"\"\n""#define SCM_IS_MASTER 0\n""#define SCM_DISTRIBUTOR_STR \"None\"\n""#define SCM_UPDATE_TRACK_STR \"\"\n" > Source/Core/Common/scmrev.h

    This works but I'm not comfortable with solution. I couldn't break the printf output with printf() in single lines like this because this breaks building the package.

    1. printf ("#define SCM_REV_STR \""$PKG_VERSION"\"\n"
    2. "#define SCM_DESC_STR \""$PKG_DOLPHIN_RELEASE"\"\n"
    3. "#define SCM_BRANCH_STR \""$PKG_DOLPHIN_BRANCH"\"\n"
    4. "#define SCM_IS_MASTER 0\n""#define SCM_DISTRIBUTOR_STR \"None\"\n"
    5. "#define SCM_UPDATE_TRACK_STR \"\"\n") > Source/Core/Common/scmrev.h

    And I guess some "sed" function would be a way better solution for this? Any hints are welcome!

    As I said it's probably not supported by your N3150n. Only 6th gen CPU and above.

    Kodi has nothing to do with it. & once emulationstation or retroarch are started Kodi is out of business, same goes for Dolphin. You have to be patient and a black blank screen is normal. After Dolphin is launched it "compiles shaders before starting" so yeah well it does what it says.

    About DVBviewver and Tvheadend -> no clue. I always backup my old tvheadconf or set it up again after a clean install to avoid quirks.

    Anyway it's good to ask this question so I can add them to the faq and so others may find the solution faster.

    If you use a custom skin you have to find a way to launch scripts. I've added the commands for my apps & emulation frontends in the faq. I've modded Estuary this way

    So basically I've added 4 new menu entries that launch a python script that tells systemd to launch the specific program.

    My secondary HTPC system has a J3455 cpu onboard and I can start New Super Mario Bros. Wii for example but it won't run as fast as needed. Same goes for Super Mario Kart, these games are locked on 60FPS for europe and if your system can't render fast enough the sound will stutter. Change to 50Hz in Kodi settings & set 50Hz in Dolphin too (disable PAL60 mode). Also Dolphin sound stutters vice versa if you have already set 50Hz in Kodi but 60Hz in Dolphin. So first things first -> check your settings.

    If you want to improve performance change the backend to vulkan if avaiable. But I'm not sure if it's avaible for gen8 graphics like your IGP.

    Then set shader compilation to asynchronous & compile shaders before starting. Have a look at the screenshot attachment. I made it on a windows system but since it's a QT build too it should have the same menu entries.

    Anyway I can have a look into it and try to create an Ishiiruka package too, but keep the expectations low since Dolphin is a pretty demanding emulator.

    Look at this post how to get proper sound output.

    1. CurlFile::Stat - Failed: HTTP response code said error(22) for http://username:[email protected]:9981/imagecache/952[/COLOR]
    2. 20:58:22.381 T:139984281753344

    This is related to TVheadend well at least if you haven't changed the standard port. Guess you need some picons.

    If you understand some german or at last the machine translation: Picons in TVHeadend nutzen – Björn's Techblog

    check out PICONS - Home

    download snp-full.400×240-370×210.light.on.transparent…..hardlink.tar.xz

    download srp-full.400×240-370×210.light.on.transparent…..hardlink.tar.xz

    extract them & put the pictures in these folders

    \\your_device\Picons\tvh = snp

    \\your_device\Picons\vdr = srp

    1. ERROR: CBlurayDirectory::InitializeBluray - failed to open /var/media/TUCKER_AND_DALE_BD

    Is there anything else? Failed to open could also mean that it can't access the bd? Best would be to upload the log to pastebin or here.

    I have no idea actually, haven't had an RPi or done a build for it in ages. You should look at amiberry, some guy ported uae4arm to sdl2 and synced it with winuae.


    Haha okay well actually I'm not using them at all... I'm just trying to include all the emulators that were avaible in your build. But I have a look at it :-) Actually I wasn't able to build recent RPi images since you updated kodi 17 to the latest git so I already guessed you didn't build some.

    Amiberry is a uae4arm fork so I guess it should be compatible to config files ? I was tinkering a bit and got a package/binary running. Maybe I can adopt your start script as well.

    blob810   andersos

    I've uploaded a new makemkv addon package.

    For makemkv there is a fix in the makemkv forum. Search in the Linux section from the forum. I have a working version on my HTPC with one of the latest Milhouse Builds. Maybe 5schatten can bring it inside the build as an addon like escalade.

    I already patched the MakeMKV addon but I haven't tested it.


    Look at the how-to / faq section bios. You need to dump some 3DS system files first, or at last for certain games.

    Dumping System Archives and the Shared Fonts from a 3DS Console - Citra


    Well it should be possible though I'm not sure if it's reasonable. As far as I understand Ishiiruka was forked to avoid shader stuttering in the past. Since Ubershaders and Vulkan renderer work pretty fine and fast it shouldn't be necessary IMHO. But sure you can replace the sources and adjust cmake opts and it should compile.

    What kind of hardware do you use?


    Great thx for your help! I'll add the patch and upload a new version soon. I'm struggling to get all RPi emulators working. I already replaced vice for RPi by libretro-vice because of some SDLvideo GLES quirks. Just wondering if currently uae4arm & reicast work fine on your 8.2 build since those just won't work as expected.


    The Generic build works quite fine. I've tested it today and made a clean installation on my Apollo Lake based HTPC. All emulators work fine as far as I can tell, Chrome & Spotify work and should update now automatically, TVheadend+HTS client works and the inputstream.adaptive based Amazon VOD addon too.

    I've built and uploaded MakeMKV but I'm not sure if it will work. Looks like the MakeMKV source needs an update since LE9.0 uses ffmpeg v4.0 and that version has some more ore less incompatible changes included. But you can give it a try. • View topic - Build failure with GCC 8? (Fedora 28)

    Right now I'm ironing out the last bugs of the RPi build but beside some emulator quirks this mostly works too.

    How to's | FAQ:

    I. Emulationstation


    Out of the box Emulationstation will look for roms in /storage/roms so place your roms according to the emulator in the subfolders:


    Some of the emulators will probably need bios files to run properly. Some need to be placed in the folder /storage/roms/bios/ while some need an extra subfolder where it is necessary to place specific files. Also some need to be placed directly inside of the rom folder of the emulator. Of course you have to dump them yourself from your emulation hardware.


    By default RA will run in KMS mode on Intel GPUs for most emulators.

    II. Sound

    RPi should work out of the box nevertheless to have proper sound output in emulators, chrome or spotify on generic systems you'll have to edit a config file called asound.conf.sample and save is as asound.conf

    III. Custom Skins

    If you prefer a custom skin and want to start the apps & emulator frontends you'll have to find a way to execute the following scripts.

    IV. Dolphin

    If you look for common information how to properly set up Dolphin have a look at these websites