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    Yes,and a standalone version(linux) of cirta, is that difficult to make in your build? Probably it is newer and also faster.

    It's a completly new package with new config files, dependecies, probably QT5 stuff and else. What I don't get... your CPU is as fast as mine and you have als a dedicated GPU. Citra runs games fine for me so why do you need an dedicated package?

    I used the one already included in the Khadas vim image. Just wrote it to an sd card popped in the K1 Pro and booted first time. There is a dedicated dtb for the k1 pro and have used it for other libreelec images. I also have a wetek play 2 so will try it at some time.

    Any idea if Amiga CD32 is working with your build ?

    Okay so you just exchanged the dtb file and it runs.

    If you want to play any A1200 or CD32 game add AGA or CD32 to the file name. The start script is looking for these strings is loading the A1200 default config file then.

    So for example:

    A1200 ->

    CD32 ->

    Well setting up Amiberry is not what I've meant ;-) If you create a Kickstart folder in the bios dir & name your rom appropriate it works out of the box.

    I mean what dtb did you use? One of these? GitHub - LibreELEC/device-trees-amlogic: Linux Kernel device tree files used in LibreELEC releases for Amlogic hardware Replaced the dtb in the image?

    Tried the Khadas VIM build on my K1 Pro s905 and works very well. Its great to have amiberry working I tried a few adf files last night and was playing some games and demos nice and smooth. Its a great update as previously been using the puae libretro core which was limited and outdated.

    Can you give a brief overview how you got it up and running? Changed some dtb files or something? I guess it could be interesting for others which devices are compatible to this build.

    Well I guess you're refering to this? FPS issues · Issue #47 · libretro/citra · GitHub the point is that a recent citra standalone version is way ahead of the libretro-core because the maintainer rebases the lr core rather seldom. Keep in mind that the core is more like wip and not comparable to something like dolphin. Also they use Windows10 and so you really can't compare that because a completly diffrent driver stack is used.

    My ES sound works fine on a Khadas VIM S905X device with this asound.conf asound.conf.kvim so try to get the correct sound settings using aplay -L first.

    In fact there is PPSSPP included in all builds since it's the libretro core which runs on all plattforms. For these arm SBC it's more a proof or concept because it runs quite slow for most graphical demanding games. A system partition size of 512MB would be suitable at the moment for all those SBC but not for a generic build. And since I have to set one default partition size for all targets it's 1024MB. IMHO I don't see the point of shrinking that to gain 256MB or something... microSD cards are cheap and external drives work also.

    I guess RetroPie has a nifty little script/function that populates the es_input.cfg but since it's easy to setup and only needed for menu browsing I haven't spent to much effort in it. My 8bitdo stuff works out of the box and the rest of the world has to spent 1min to set it up /shrug

    First things first. Make sure you mapping for RA is correct. Start RA then go to load core & start the something core. Then make sure all of your buttons light up in the right place. The hot-key for RA menu is F1 and you can quit every RA core with the right-alt key.

    Basically this is a read-only system and you could pull the plug out of the wall without messing up the base system so I really don't care much about a clean shut down and how long it takes /shrug

    The sound stuff is just a RetroPie relict. Set audiocard in this ES menu to default and it should not crash anymore. Afaik you can't controll the volume with ES so just lower the volume of your TV :/


    You don't need a tar file to update you can use the img.gz file too.

    The ES controller config has nothting to to with the RA setup and is only used for controlling the ES frontend. It also depends in which mode you've connected the gamepad so if it works in Xinput or Dinput mode. Both feature a different number of buttons. Your controller isn't included in SDL2 upstream gamecontrollerdb sdl_gamecontrollerdb.h so it won't be detected out of the box. Or in other words... you saved on the wrong things /shrug

    If your controls are weird in RA you have a faulty config file. Also check you controls per emulator. You can for example enable anlogue to digital for games that don't support sticks but this cause problems in other games that have mapped controls on the sticks.

    I'm not adding back the quit menu because it's not functional since it's made for RetroPie and makes no sense since LE has it's own shutdown function.

    Beta 07a Generic/RPi is online:

    • updated to latest LE9.0 upstream
    • updated RPi kernel to 4.18.9
    • updated mesa to 18.2.1
    • updated vulkan-loader to 1.1.85
    • updated several libretro-cores
    • updated PCSX2 start script -> now updates Docker images & removes old one
    • updated sdl-jstest -> added path to gamecontrollerdb
    • updated spotify start script -> default branch is now spotify-stable
    • retroarch-joypad-autoconfig: added Gioteck VX2 config file
    • added some background music to ES screensaver

    ok 5schatten im not sure how to install the alpha to the hard disk (unless im to install stock 8.2.5 then update normally to that 8.90 alpha? but atleast trying to update to RebornRemix (w/ 8.90 flashed to my usb drive), i get a diffrent error one i should of been getting. i get the "Warning" that the System partition is too small, vs before w/ 8.2.5, i get a failure to mount System regardless the Partition size.

    Well and that's the thing :D -> increase the system partition size to 1024MB and it should work then.

    If you don't know how to make a fresh install just get this libreelec.usb-sd.creator.win32.exe and burn my img.gz file to an usb drive. Then you can boot and install the build.

    I think I updated from Escalade's build, actually!

    Deleted the file and did as instructed and still no luck.

    Current .cfg:

    Escalades build is based on a heavily modified LE8.x version while mine is LE9.0 + the emulator stuff so I guess that's the reason things are screwed. You can add video_driver = "gl" to the retroarch.cfg file and it will probably start but anyway I would recommend a clean install /shrug

    I don't seem to have that line on the retroarch.cfg, is that the problem?

    Well exactly -> can you delete your retroarch.cfg file and start RA from the main menu? It should create a new one then. Can you post this version again? Normally RA should use the default settings if the file is missing :/

    Have you made a clean install after I uploaded a new build or just updated the non-booting one? I guess RA screwed up the default file because of some reasons.

    Can you post your retroarch.cfg file? And in addition enter dmesg | paste in a terminal and post the link?

    Basically this line is the problem:

    1. [WARN] [SDL_GL]: Failed to initialize SDL gfx context driver: No available video device

    Retroarch tries to use SDL_GL instead of regular GL or something. Have you changed the driver in Retroarch? Do you have this line in your retroarch.cfg video_driver = "gl" ?