LE9.0 remote configs ir-keytable Amlogic devices

  • guys, i was able to run on my x96 mini LE9.0.2.

    Finally was able to make th edts ma and trueHD passthru.

    The only missing piece now is the remote. I have used p281 1g File. Changing the dtb file should work with remote?

    I am asking that because i am for some reason unable to connect ssh with putty. It gives me connection refused? So i cant access the required folder.

    How can i fix that?

  • I've teardown the remote in picture and this is the circuit but I can't find a good configuration for delays to have keys pressed fast but without delay.

    Actually I have:

    ir-ctl -t 50000

    ir-keytable -D 150 -P 80

    Usually i press keys very fast but can't find any solution that haven't the delay.




  • Hi there!

    I own an Beelink Mini MX Ver 1.0. (2G/16G Amlogic S905 Quad Core 2.4GHz/5.8GHz HDMI 2.0 Bluetooth 4.0 Support Gigabit LAN)

    At the moment i'm running [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X on the box. I installed it to internal memory and it's working like a charm!

    When I used the original Beelink Mini MX remote, I could use te remote to start the Beelink Mini MX, and start LibreELEC

    I'm using an other remote right now, (the one in the picture below) but I can't start the box with it. I need to manually plug in the power plug to let it boot.


    How can I make this remote to boot the Beelink Mini MX, running LibreELEC ?

    Or how can I make this remote work to boot the Beelink Mini MX, running LibreELEC 9.0 ?

  • Hi,

    I have a few remotes laying around from Panasonic and Denon that I'd like to use. The Panasonic has multiple devices options, TV, VCR, DBS/CBT and DVD.

    ir_keytable recognizes most of the buttons in the DVD options. The responding protocol is the JVC protocol. A few keys like EXIT or VOLUME + and - are not returning any codes.

    Also, none of the TV/VCR/DBS/CBL buttons is being recognized. It looks like the protocol for these keys is not supported, because most of the DVD keys are working well.

    My Denon remote doesn't work at all with any of the protocols.

    My system is an Odroid C2, running CoreElec 9.02 or LibreELEC 9.02.

    1) Can I teach ir_keytable raw commands (similar to LIRC)?

    2) How can I test raw commands? irw returns an errors and will not work

    3) Can I enable ir_keytable to recognize the keys that don't work?


    Found /sys/class/rc/rc0/ (/dev/input/event2) with:

    Driver: meson-ir, table: rc-empty

    lirc device: /dev/lirc0

    Supported protocols: lirc rc-5 jvc sony nec sanyo mce_kbd rc-6

    Enabled protocols: lirc

    Name: meson-ir

    bus: 25, vendor/product: 0000:0000, version: 0x0000

    Repeat delay = 100 ms, repeat period = 100 ms



  • 1) Can I teach ir_keytable raw commands (similar to LIRC)?

    Not yet. Recent kernels added support for BPF decoders (allowing you to upload BPF programs into the kernel to decode almost any IR signal), but this isn't enabled in LibreELEC yet (one of the userspace helper programs, lircd2toml.py, also needs Python3 which we don't have yet - that will be added once Kodi switches from Pyton2 to Python3).

    So for now it's easiest to stick to lircd if you want to use a remote with an unsupported protocol.

    so long,


  • Thank. How to switch from ir-keytable to lircd?

    in LE9 lircd will be started automatically if you have a /storage/.config/lircd.conf file. If you use lircd you should also create an empty /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg file so that in-kernel decoding doesn't interfere with lircd.

    so long,