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    Does anyone have the latest on h.265 support for this? CoreElec still cannot play simple 4k60hz video and has completely corrupt output (dusted off my "new" box from February and these basic same issues are present) so I'm totally looking to flip again.

    I also had eMMC corruption the last time I tried the LE image (from Bables) - has this been resolved?

    This forum is not a platform for spreading unsubstantiated misinformation on other operating systems.

    I am privy to all CE matters being part of the team and say you are BOTH wrong in the quotes you have made.

    Please edit to correct your errors.:dodgy:

    Quote from 20 minutes ago

    You have been suspended from the forum until 24 September 3019 07:00.

    lol. Talk about retaliation...

    The reason I made the thread was to bring awareness to the issue and to help resolve as I'm aware team members don't necessarily have 4K panels to truly test. The information being purposely hidden (see how adam unlisted the thread) is incredibly problematic and I know would have certainly stopped me and many others from buying a box.

    LibreELEC (OSS Linux really) currently can't do 4K content as the decoder isn't upstream and/or written yet. This is why I made the thread here to ask if it's actually fundamentally a hardware problem - or if it's a simple amlogic SDK problem.

    New look with KODI-19. Please note, this is the first trial version and many things may not work.

    X96 MAX 64/4G eMMC and SD Card work.

    Does anyone have usable wireless? The box seems to get very upset with very little traffic.

    You came to the resource to the developers, agitate for competitors. Are you a provocateur or want to look like the smartest?

    CE has linux 4.9, here going development of 5.0. What are you want to say?...

    CoreELEC is moderating any threads not related to the Odroid-N2 or legacy boxes, there's no free speech over there... LibreELEC is at least trying to keep universal support mainline for the SoCs themselves, CoreELEC is focusing their efforts on the old SDK instead...

    That's the difference.

    Please re-consider the WiFi stance. I'm in a condo and use WiFi exclusively from my current s905 Kodi box. I've had a x96 Max (4GB) for a while and I'm excited to see LibreELEC leading the charge once again for these boxes. I can't wait to watch 4k HDR over my point to point wireless :-).

    LibreELEC:/sys/devices/virtual/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0 # chmod 666 output_rgb

    LibreELEC:/sys/devices/virtual/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0 # cat output_rgb

    cat: read error: Input/output error


    I've seen this issue on and off since starting to use Libreelec. I thought it was a couple bad servers in the pool, and just bad luck... However, even tonight I added and, rebooted... still no clock set.

    Obviously adding `ntpd -p` to my resolves the issue instantly, but this is crap for less knowledgeable people. Please consider using ntpd or similar instead of the current mechanism.