HdHomerun and LibreElec

  • I have installed Kodi HDHomerun PVR addon by Michael Brehn on Libreelec geneic

    Purchased the hdhomerun dvd option

    Live tv Works

    When I set a show to record, it say it is recording ..But where ??? Never can see any recordings

    Is there some way change recording location ???

  • Are you sure you installed the DVR from your HDHomeRun settings?? Where did you install your DVR server??

  • I could not find any way to add the license key other than on a windows computer.

    I can record on the windows computer (Which I do not really want to do) and if I start a recording on Libreelect, they show up on the windows computer but not on the libre computer.

    The libre computer runs 24/7, the windows computer does not.

    I want the recording on the Libre computer but I do not have the option in the windows computer to change the recording to the Libre computer.

    Can I uninstall the "Engine" on the windows computer and reinstall on the Libre computer ?? If so ....How ???

  • Its a LIVA LIVA-XBAT2NBW-232 X 2G/32G Intel Dual Turbo 2.25Ghz computer running Libreelec generic

    Been using this computer for years with Kodi ...No buffering

    HRhomerun works great ... no buffering. When I select a program to record, it shows it is recording but when I go to recording nothing shows up.

    There must be some way to select location to record .....WHERE ?????

  • There must be some way to select location to record .....WHERE ?????

    Where did you install the HDHomeRUN DVR software? You set the recording directory there.

    You dont set the record directory to the LE client. The PVR Client will have your DVR software record to the appropriate directory.

    For example, I have the HDHomeRun DVR docker on unraid. My record directory is set to /mnt/user/DVR.

    When I tell LE to record a show, the recording (as well as Live TV buffering) is happening in /mnt/user/DVR.

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Kodi: Minix Neo U9-H w/LE installed on MicroSD

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    Media Server: Unraid 40TB BEAST!

    TV Tuner: 2x HDHomeRun Prime

    Server Apps: HDHomeRun DVR, Emby (for Kodi), Plex (for everyone else)