No sound when switching to a channel that is being recorded by Tvheadend

  • Hardware:

    RPi 3 with MPEG-2 codec enabled (TV client)

    Intel NUC x86/x64 8GB RAM

    Two HDHomeRun Connect dual tuners


    LibreElec 8.1.1 on both the RPI and the NUC. The RPi 3 is running the Tvheadend client. The Intel NUC is running only the Tvheadend backend service. I tested Tvheadend on an RPi 3 and on a Synology NAS and experienced the same problem.

    Repro Steps:

    1. Make sure nothing is playing.

    2. Go to TV, and then Channels.

    3. Select from the channel list, a channel that is currently being recorded.

    4. Kodi changes to the selected channel, but no sound is played.


    1. Change channel using the channel up or down button on the remote.

    2. Go back to the channel that is being recorded using the channel up or down button. Sound works after doing this.