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    im using a chromebox running LE 8 and i have a hdhomerun prime already setup and working so im able to use kodi watch tv but i want to know how to setup pvr. i do have a windows computer im able to use but its not mine. i tried tvheadend but it doesnt work with my hdhomerun

    I was able to get the password off but I later found out that hdhomerun prime doesn't work with tvheadend so I can't use it and I can't use mythtv cause I don't have a Linux computer.

    trying to setup tvheadend 4.2 but having some problems. im using the setup wizard and everything is good till i get to the pre-defined muxes. im using a hdhomeurn prime so thats DVB-C network but the only pre-defined muxes its showing me is for countries in europe and im in the US. so all my scan results are failed. if i use the hdhomerun addon i get live tv.

    Hello, I am still reading the many threads that deal with upgrading/updating LE from 7.0.3 to any of the LE 8 version, when I came upon this thread, The way I found to fix this was to downgrade using OE 7.X.X then switching back to LE 7.0.2, Now this is an old thread, but hope it help at least one person from having a mini stroke like I did LOL. :blush:

    after I finally got back to 7.0.3 I stayed there until 8.0.1 came out and I still had the same problem. so I went back to 7.0.3 and I'm not going to upgrade again

    i dont know why i cant figure out how to get my chromebox to suspend after i turn off my tv. i assigned the E button for suspend and that works fine. i made a sequence using the harmony app to press the E button when i turn off the tv and it never works. the tv would turn off but my chromebox wont suspend using the sequence. if i suspend my box first then turn off the tv, the chromebox would wake up.

    i finally got 8.0.0 to work but at first videos would play but the sound is very distorted and now no videos are playing at all. when i try to play a video kodi would restart and when i try to downgrade to 7.0.3 no menus would show up and im unable to select anything

    im moving in with some friends and want to setup my chromebox for live tv but i dont know where to start. would i need a usb tv tuner or something like a hdhomerun? i read online that since most cable signals are encrypted in the US i’ll need a TV tuner that supports a CableCARD like a hdhomerun. is this true? they have verizon fios service and dont mind splitting a coax cable for me so i wont be using an antenna. i dont plan on recording much or if anything at all and i also dont plan on setting it up so i could watch from different locations

    Whining already after barely 10 hours?!
    Have a lil more patience, please.
    We are not a corporate 24/7 helpdesk.

    actually it hasn't been 10 hours it's been 6 days. I wasnt getting any response on the other thread I made. my box is completely frozen unable to do anything can't upgrade or downgrade it just sits on a blank screen

    tried to upgrade my chromebox from 7.0.3 to 8 and after the Libreelec screen it goes blank and nothing happens. try to downgrade back to 7.0.3 I get this. message...

    found new. tar archive
    extracting contents of archive.... failed,.
    failed to extract content of archive file
    tar result: 'tar: short read

    the archive is corrupt/invalid