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    Whatever the VPN info dialog calls to display the DNS and IP address can you use the same call for skin someway?

    I don't know much about APIs unfortunately only know about skinning.

    A home property or function would be good to test.


    Hi zomboided

    Great add-on thanks.

    I would like to have a display of my current vpn IP in my skin.

    Is there a function I can use in my skin to get and display the current vpn IP address.

    I know I can map a button to display a VPN info dialog but would like to have the IP permanently displayed on Bottom corner of screen.

    Thanks for any info

    Hi gulp

    I noticed the missing s912 and librelec boot logo while using my Panasonic plasma screen. It would show blank until the Kodi splash screen.

    Using the same setup on my Toshiba LCD and the boot logos showed fine.

    So if you could try on a different TV seems to be TV settings issue.

    Hi kszaq

    Well it seems the read only errors are gone when i use the usb instead of the micro sd slot.

    So atleast can get it up and running.

    I'm wondering if i add more usb devices to the box (harddrive ,dvb tuners) will it slow down performance if they are all sharing same usb bandwidth?

    I'll play around and test.

    Thanks to bubblegum57 for the usb suggestion.

    Pelican you should try a usb drive instead of sd card if you still encounter the read only errors

    Cheers guys :)

    If the card cannot be read in Android, it may suggest an issue with card reader in your box. Is any other card readable/writeable in Android?

    Well I guess the box reader is fine. If I insert a blank SD card into slot can open it in android and view transfer files.

    I was hoping bummblegum could confirm if it is a box or card issue as he has same box.

    I will try usb method in morning see if that makes difference.

    Pelican you still getting the read only errors? You mentioned you had success from updating 8.1.1 to 8.1.7 transferring files is this still the case.

    Does 8.1.6 give you the read only errors. This version worked fine with me.

    I would zero fill the sd card with Low Level Format and zero-filling before writing the image, with rufus, selecting dd from the drop down menu.

    Well i tried multiple sd cards with 8.1.7 image with same read error results.

    Using 8.1.6 on these cards work fine so i think maybe can rule out card issue.

    I was hoping to see if you had read errors on your sd card that would of have confirmed things, Just pity it had to jack up at the same time lol

    If you ever get the sd card slot working again try transferring files to storage or install addons.

    I suppose i could see if have one of those usb sd card readers laying around see if card works through usb.

    Just one more test before you try remove sd card.

    Are you able to install add-ons transfer over files? Mine boots ok but once booted can't install anything.

    Is the spring latch broke?

    I'm running from a 32GB San disk Ultra fit. Apart from at the beginning, it has been running ok, I update as soon as a new one comes out.

    My H96 has the Q6330 chip. I used rufus to create the image.

    Oh so your running from usb and not sd card I might give that a try. Which usb port will it boot from or does it work on any?

    Any chance if you have a spare SD card laying around try test latest image on it, just to narrow down what could be causing issues on my end.

    Much appreciated

    Perhaps mount -o rw /storage would help. But that's a guess since I haven't seen any logs and did not experience this issue my self. If you can journalctl -a | paste from the read-only system...

    Hi kszaq

    Running journalctl -a | paste was able get logs


    Running mount -o rw /storage showed

    mount: can't find /storage in /etc/fstab


    Are you sure that 8.1.7 introduced this bug for you? Have you tried to go back to 8.1.6 already?

    I have this since the beginning with all versions.

    Yeah 8.1.6 works fine can transfer files. Changes get saved no issues.

    In 8.1.7 tried the libreelec log uploader gave me a link but it as always blank.

    Ill see if can try get logs from ssh in 8.1.7.

    I thought it was a corrupt sd card at first but tried 2 others sd cards with same results.

    Thanks for your patience

    Assuming you installed to sd or usb, then just create a new image with an older version.

    I use coreftp lite to copy files too, perhaps that will work for you.

    Well I would stick with 8.1.6 but would like the screen tearing fix which was included in 8.1.7.

    Wonder if possible to make custom 8.1.6 with only the screen tearing fix included.

    Sorry for asking again but does anyone have any info on the issue of system going to read only mode after booting hence unable to write any changes to files. Seems to only affect few users including myself.

    I know it's difficult to determine without logs but I can't get debug logs as Kodi log is stuck in read only mode so nothing gets written to log.

    8.1.6 worked fine only since upgrading to 8.1.7 problems arose.

    I'm using the 2gb ram 1gb Ethernet device tree on h96 pro box.

    Thanks for any info as I love libreelec and don't want to have to buy another box.