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    I realise that the upgrade to a 5ghz network won't do much, it's the two issues of just replacing the useless onboard wifi with something else and also my router TP-LINK W9980 only uses its big 3 directional external antennae for the 5ghz network. The 2.4ghz uses internal antennas which will be weaker especially considering its hidden in a cupboard. I'm just hoping the two together just make it a useable setup.

    That's great news. Appreciate your help. Wifi was always a fantastic addition to the Raspberry Pi but it just seems to perform so badly. Hopefully the RPI4 will address this with a better solution as near enough every forum relating to the RPI3 you will find people talking about the poor onboard wifi.

    So when the dongle turns up. I disable both wired / wireless connections in LibreELEC settings and just let the USB dongle take over and connect to the 5G network? Simple as that?

    I think just having a replacement for the onboard wifi is the main issue. Whilst I'm transferring a small file to it over the network to it at 100kb/s, my iPhone 6S on the same network and position is clocking up 55mb speedtests.

    Going back to the original point though about it working, all ok? Just plug it in and go?

    Hi all,

    After a constant battle I finally found the root of my problems - a mix between my router and it's 2.4Ghz wifi network. I came across it by dropping a .tar file to the Pi. My router is a TD-LINK TD-W9980 and although it's not positioned in a great spot (new build, master socket in a cupboard), it can only be 10 feet away from the pi with not much in the way. The transfer rate of this 100mb file was between 100kb/s - 200kb/s! No wonder it wasn't streaming anything! Checked and double checked my router settings, done a few of the old tricks - changed channels etc but nothing improved it. The PC near enough next to the router can max my 80mb fibre out on the same wifi network so who knows who to point the finger at. Apologies for the ramble.

    After some more digging, I found out that the three big old external antennas on the W9980 are for the 5Ghz band only. The 2.4 Ghz band run off internal antannae and as expected don't perform as well. So the next step is to buy a 5Ghz compatible USB dongle for the RPI3. Again a complete minefield of information but in the end managed to find the one mentioned in the subject at a good price and confirmed by a couple of sources to work with RPi / OpenELEC no problems. Can I make the assumption that because it is compatible with OpenELEC, that it isn't going to have issues with LibreELEC? Just works out the box? The correct answer is yes!

    And no, ethernet isn't an option unfortunately.

    My mind has been blown by the subject, I understand the above file is used to help streaming video but it's like a minefield trying to find out what all of it means. Is there like a base template I can use with my Raspberry PI 3? Will at least give me the peace of mind that something is there. Very recently developed a buffering / stutter issue when viewing near enough anything be it local / remote or sd / HD. Something has gone wrong somewhere.

    Thought I'd give it one last chance before another wipe and reinstall.

    Is this what you mean? Taken whilst issue was happening.


    I can't make head or tale of it but you probably will. I was hoping that the problem was that the stream was in h265 which isn't RPi3 friendly but that suggests otherwise.

    Setup: Raspberry Pi 3 running fresh install of LE 7.0.1

    Video of problem: i2oe

    I seem to have issues with certain HD streams where video will play at 1 frame a second (ish) and there will be no audio at all. The video linked sums it up pretty well but it's not all HD sources, just random ones which leads me to believe an affliction with a certain file type? There is no buffering errors or any error message of any kind at the time. This happens over wifi or Ethernet and the Internet is certainly capable enough at 80mb fibre. I haven't touched any settings or used custom skins etc but really am struggling to think how to solve this one?

    Any ideas?

    Would be interesting to hear the answer to the subject question from an expert? The inbuilt wifi seems to yield very poor performance figures when compared to a £5 usb wifi dongle in the same device and wifi network. Is this because it is still a relatively new device and the drivers are still being tweaked or is the actual hardware itself of poor quality?

    Ok, so I think I have the understanding now that backups must be local, what about restoring though? Can that be done via the NAS or must be local also? Would be a great feature to add in my the way.

    Because I build and maintain so many RPi's it is a critical feature for me.