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    The NAS folder is added via the LE file manager over my home network by the means of wifi. If I'm reading what you are saying right then the backup always must be a local physical source? In the opposite direction - can a restore be performed from a network location over wifi?

    Krypton will bring the ability to run retroplayer games within the Kodi GUI. We're talking 90's and early 00's console games nothing hardcore. It simply adds another "centre of your living room" dimension to Kodi alongside Movies, TV and Music.

    Ah ok, that makes a lot more sense and is reassuring to hear. It kind of read like you had plans to make a new games console or something!

    Not a problem, this project is of great interest to me.

    The only thing that concerns me (from the sponsorship page on the site) is the direction of LE8 towards gaming? Not sure if i'm following at all there.

    Didn't take one apologies.

    I tried again last night and something happened this time out of the blue. It created the .tar file but saved it locally under /storage/backup although i'm 99.9% sure I was trying to save it to the NAS. Is it actually possible to save and restore to and from a network location just using the LibreELEC config menu? Or do I need an addon?

    Apologies if this is is silly question...

    Just done a clean install of LE7 on my RPi3 and spent what seems like the whole day setting everything back up as I want it so now I thought it would be a good idea to do my first ever backup.

    I want to create the backup on my network storage, so I go to LibraELEC - System - Create System and Kodi Backup and point it at the folder on my NAS, hit ok and nothing happens? No error message, no confirmation message, just nothing? What am I doing wrong? The NAS is working as it should. I checked the backup folder locally on the Pi and nothing is in there neither. Any ideas?

    Wouldn't it be easier for the Users to call the LE Build with Kodi 17 included LE 17, and not LE 8.0?

    Totally agree with this as well, good way of differentiating yourselves away from OE also.

    Probably gonna get linched for asking, but............

    is there any chance of a 64bit Raspberry PI 3 LibreELEC build to show off the hardware's real potential?

    This really would be the pinnacle if at all possible.


    Just passing on some information...

    Somebody out there has set up a subreddit for LibreELEC, the user is luizfelipefb who says he is waiting for one of the owners of the project to pass it over to. I know reddit isn't to everyones liking but I find it a great tool for news and information, also could be another platform for you guys to get the word out there.

    Hi all, just signed up to the forum.

    Been following this project recently and took the plunge yesterday with your 7.0.0 release. Clean install on my RPi3 and everything seems to be running perfectly. All the rest of my devices (and the dozens I look after for friends and familly) will follow shortly.

    I was a long time user of OpenELEC and although it was great platform, I often found myself frustrated at the lack of communication and long wait times between Kodi releases. I know it is a bit rich to be complaining at something provided for free but that's the way it is.

    As soon as I read LibreELEC's about page I was instantly sold. What you are claiming to do is exactly what I and many others have been looking for for a long time and I truely hope you can deliver the promise. Thank you for all your hard work, good luck for the future and my donation will follow at some point.