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    Hi everyone, I have an Intel NUC6CAYH and I have some performance problems with WiFi (same happens with Lakka that uses LE kernel I think). I know LE doesn't fix HW problems, but the same NUC has perfect performance on Windows 10 using the same WiFi board.

    Can someone point me on a possible solution for this ? Maybe WiFi drivers are the issue ?


    Latest version 107 of this plugin is not working well on Intel NUC6 (6th Gen Intel), pairs fine, connects but I can only see "part" of the streamed screen, that part I see works fine, but 1/4 of the screen is missing. Like if it's streaming 720p instead of 1080p (my monitor resolution), any ideas ? Not sure what SDL version means, is there any other version to test in x86 ? This version works fine on Rpi3 by the way.

    Tested on LE 8.2.0 latest version x64.


    Pre-alpha code is frequently full of bugs and stability issues. So, err.. no surprises here!

    I tested the ZIP version attached a couple of posts ago (version 2) and it works fine on LE 8.1.2 Beta for RPi. Unfortunatelly I removed LE 9 so I cannot test that version, but maybe it works. The one on the LE repository it's not updated or it's diferent from the one posted here, right ?

    Actually, it's weird. <regexp>TV[\ ]Shows</regexp> worked but not on the main TV Shows section under Video\Files , but I had a "TV Shows" inside one of my drives and that one was ignored fine, so it seems the main "TV Shows" cannot be removed maybe ? Weird cause "Videos" and "Windows 7" drive were possible to be removed.

    Hi, I've been having some problems with Wifi/BT on my Gigabyte Brix, I think it started on LE 8.0.2 but not sure. The main problem is that sometimes I boot, and I only see my Wifi WLAN0 and BT doesn't work (Both share the same card, a Realtek 8723BE). Sometimes BT works, but Wifi does not and I can't see any Access Points when I got the Wifi Networks, nothing is showing... like if WLAN0 is not being detected. Reboot, and again.... sometime it works both, sometimes only one... most of the time, only BT works... it's driving me crazy.

    Things I tried: Deleted all my storage and started fresh. Followed the first time setup perfectly, configured everything, reboot a couple of times... and again, the problem showed again. Anyone having a similar problem ? Any ideas what to check to be able to identify the problem at least ?

    On 8.0.0 I used to have 2 wifi's, the onboard and a TPLink external and both worked perfectly fine including BT from the onboard one.... I even was able to see WLAN0 and WLAN1 on the wifi networks, but since TPLink driver for AC was wrongfully added on last version, I can only use my onboard till they fix the main source and get a new version of LE, but I don't think that's the problem, although my TPLink is still connected, because I use it for Windows.

    Sorry for the long chat... :) Any ideas are welcome. Thnks !

    Hi, I've been adding several filter to my created "advancedsettings.xml" file with complete success but for some reason I cannot find a solution for directories with space. I can handle underscore path's, but not space, can anyone help me ? Should be easy but even reading all the wiki still can't figure it out.

    For example:

    Path: System_Reserved

    Works with: <regexp>System[\._ ]Reserved</regexp>


    Path: TV Shows

    Works with: ???? (Tried using underscore but nothing....)

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks.