Some quick help with "advancedsettings.xml" filtering

  • Hi, I've been adding several filter to my created "advancedsettings.xml" file with complete success but for some reason I cannot find a solution for directories with space. I can handle underscore path's, but not space, can anyone help me ? Should be easy but even reading all the wiki still can't figure it out.

    For example:

    Path: System_Reserved

    Works with: <regexp>System[\._ ]Reserved</regexp>


    Path: TV Shows

    Works with: ???? (Tried using underscore but nothing....)

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks.

  • Actually, it's weird. <regexp>TV[\ ]Shows</regexp> worked but not on the main TV Shows section under Video\Files , but I had a "TV Shows" inside one of my drives and that one was ignored fine, so it seems the main "TV Shows" cannot be removed maybe ? Weird cause "Videos" and "Windows 7" drive were possible to be removed.