Intel NUC6CAYH WiFI bad performance (Works fine on Windows 10).

  • Hi everyone, I have an Intel NUC6CAYH and I have some performance problems with WiFi (same happens with Lakka that uses LE kernel I think). I know LE doesn't fix HW problems, but the same NUC has perfect performance on Windows 10 using the same WiFi board.

    Can someone point me on a possible solution for this ? Maybe WiFi drivers are the issue ?


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    The main two variables are wifi drivers and firmware. You can see if LE10 nightly images (with newer bits) are better than LE 9.2 images, but if not there is not much we can do. See: Index of / for images.

  • Works fine now, not sure what happened on previous version of LE but speed is ok now, was able to watch a 4K HDR movie without issues using 5Ghz WiFi.