Changed WIFI Card and cannot connect to anything now...

  • Hi, I updated to LE 8.0.2 last night and I changed my Wifi Card at the same time. Now it seems LE is trying to use the wrong card on boot and I cannot connect to Wifi until I deactivate and activate wifi in the settings menu. Is there any way to delete the default network settings so that they are rebuild ? I mean, like a network config file that I can delete or edit. Been trying to find about this but coudn't find any useful info.


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    The /storage/.cache folder (also) holds network information, although it's a bit strange that LE fixates on the old card. Deleting that folder may be a crude but effective way.

  • Yes, it was strange... basically what happened is that used to have a TPLink Archer T4U v2 and an internal Intel Wifi. TPLink v2 was not supported but someone here created a new version of 8.0.1 for me with support for that model based on the drivers I provided. Then the change was even submitted to GHub and approved, but there was a mistake on the driver's ID so version 8.0.2 seems not to be working with the TP Link v2 which I was using to connect to a 5 Ghz AC network, now without that one, LE 8.0.2 is not able to see 5 Ghz cause my internal card does not support them, and there's the strange thing, LE just doesn't connect and doesn't even show me the list of access points, it's like it's stuck trying to find a 5 Ghz network or something like that....

    Anyway, will try checking the cache folder, thanks for the idea.

  • Deleting conman in .cache folder solved my problem. In case someone else needs to fix some issue with Wifi, it's a good tip.