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    GDPR-2 I'm pleased to see this direction as the wider team recognised it as a long-term support burden some time ago. One of our goals has always been "ease of use" and box installs are inherently more challenging than SBC devices due to multiple "how to make it boot an SD card" methods required - and adding the frequent complexities of internal installation on-top results in a range of box unique issues that tiring to repeatedly solve. It's true that an eMMC install is always going to be fastest, but team testing shows the performance of a good SD card reduces the gain to marginal levels unless the underlying box has inferior components (and crap hardware is always going to be crap hardware). An easier install process results in more people having a positive experience with LE, and thats something we care about more than appeasing the overall small (but increasing) percentage of users who purchase sub-$25 black box junk from far-east bulk buy websites. Caveat Emptor..

    It was a feature I never really wanted to include but did so to appease users who wanted it, given the problems it has caused and continues to cause though I have to agree with you.

    For the technically minded users they can still install to internal if they so wish but it is not something I will provide support for any further.

    I have always run from an sdcard or usb drive and have never had issues with performance then again I don't expect miracles from a $30 box to begin with, if it works then I'm happy.

    I have worked with each revision to bring this community release closer to stock LE with the ultimate aim of abandoning community releases in favour of official releases once 9.0 arrives, it's been my goal from the start and continues to remain my goal.

    I completely understand and agree with you except this last sentence.

    Why do make effort just for ruin something good? Remove the script is enough to keep away the newbies or less experienced users but give the chance for those who know what they do.

    I'm not ruining anything, this is something kszaq added to his builds and I only added to mine due to user requests and this was in my early days of doing releases before problem users started using my releases.

    Running from an Sdcard is just as good, it's hidden, it won't brick your device if things mess up and it's easy to install to.

    There is not a single negative to running from an Sdcard except of course having to spend 5 euros.

    If you have the knowledge you can add the script yourself without having to make your own build and install to internal and if you can do that then I think you deserve to be able to run from internal :)

    advantage is that I dont have to buy SD cards for my 8 devices.

    Every SD card is about 10€, the devices costs are at 30€.

    If I have to I will buy some, but its nice to use the space which is there without additional hardware.

    Thanks anyway for these great community builds

    Sdcards do not cost 10€, an 8gb one can be bought for half of that and your telling me your not prepared to spend that?

    It wasn't that long ago that you had to run a full x86 PC to run Kodi which would cost far more than your 30€ box and it would be wise to remember that.

    I have no interest in supporting this function as it causes far too many issues.

    A common problem I see with users who have LE installed to internal is that they are running very old DTB's and the problem with that is that they will not automatically update, kszaq added an identifying flag to later DTB's so during the upgrade process the latest one would be flashed but this does not happen if you are using a really old one.

    Now this causes an issue when a user flashes an image with a completely different kernel which requires a different DTB, the internal partition layout is stored within the DTB and if this has changed... which it has with the official LE kernel... then the device simply won't boot for obvious reasons.

    So now comes another problem, I forewarn users before hand your DTB must be up to date before updating and I will still get the odd few users proceed with the update without updating the DTB and come onto the forums and cry that their box will no longer boot and cause panic for other users.

    Then comes another problem for the users who have read the notice about updating the DTB is that they use the forums as a Q&A rather than reading and ask how to do it which infuriates me every time that people can be so lazy because I can spend hours producing builds to then find people can not spend just a few minutes of their time to look up an answer.

    Lastly for that user that can no longer boot, like you they couldn't be bothered to spend 5€ on an Sdcard and have no way to instantly return their box to a working device and for the lucky soul who does have one... again like other users they return to using the forum as a Q&A and their hand has to be held to walk them through the entire repair process.

    So I hope you can see just part of the reason why I have removed this, you may think it is a bad or a poor decision on my part but I couldn't care less because I am fed up of the constant trouble it causes.

    GDPR-2, just compiled S912 image from devel source.

    Display works.

    But additional issue - couldn't install any addon from LibreELEC add-ons repository, nothing happens, no any messages occurs. from other repositories all works correctly.

    It should work fine because all of the add-ons are there on the server Index of /addons/9.0/S912/arm

    GDPR-2: Your last dev Build cannot inatalltointernal

    I removed it for a number of reasons, I will not be supporting this any more.

    So what exactly is causing this? I cant really look away from this, so it's an issue for me. It's significantly worse than the previous 8.2 build i was on. I just installed 8.2 again to confirm, and the remote is back to being responsive and quick again. I've tried a bunch of different keytable configurations, but nothing seems to help so far. And have you done any configuration to your keytables?

    I use my TV remote mainly so it is not an issue for me but I have left everything at the default, there is a dedicated thread for support on these issues as I mentioned.

    You will have to spend some time using ir-keytable and ir-ctl to find the settings that are most suitable for you, if your not willing to do that then stick to using 8.2 as all developers have agreed to use the LIRC based solution instead of amremote for releases going forward.

    GDPR-2 Is there any way you could help me? I'm having an issue with your build that causes the IR remote to be very sluggish/delayed inputs. I wasn't having these issues with kszaq 8.2 build. I tried different commands to increase or decrease delay/input etc, nothing seems to help. I've reinstalled many times, and used the correct device tree. The correct keytable for my device is already baked into the image.

    Device is a Tanix TX3 Mini.

    I appreciate any suggestions

    I have the same device and the same remote and it is not really an issue for me and that is why the keytable is baked in, some flurosecent lamps also emit IR which can interfere with the receiver as stupid as it sounds, other than that I would look at the thread specific to IR on Leia builds here

    I am assuming the same process I used for his build would be the same for youtd? I Just download the .tar file and put into the update folder?


    mule please try the latest test image here

    I have added sams dither and rounding code to the kernel along with a banding issue fix of his as well.

    I have also added some experimental code to Kodi to set the round option automatically however I have not tested this to see if it works so if you could try playing a couple of clips and upload your kodi.log I will be able to see if it is being set or not before content is played.

    Also of interest to users with displays on their boxes, this build contains an updated vfd driver by The Coolest which reduces the need for a box specific DTB but does require a new config to be placed in /storage/.config/ ... some examples can be found here and extra support is available at his thread here.

    Thanks for your efforts, it's great to see users helping in this way however I will not be using the legacy kszaq 8.2 nougat kernel anymore, the LE kernel is a more 'recent' nougat kernel and I feel our efforts would be better focused there. I have submitted a PR to add the dither/round/REC709/BT2020 options to the LE kernel link.

    I will add the Kodi portion of the code to the community builds as soon as I get a chance.

    Thanks GDPR-2

    Everything works well except for dolby sound (Allow passthrough).The sound is interrupted when the channel is changed.

    TRT 4K,Astra 19.2 Travelxp 4K,Fashion 4K and Astra UHD 4K all works well.

    I am using Driver Hauppauge.

    Thanks for testing, I'm aware of the sound issue with the new kernel, no eta on a fix for it yet.

    As Poida pointed out the answer is within the forums. Leia builds do not use remote.conf.

    GDPR-2 , Now with new test build everything works good on wetek play 2 :) Only sometimes when I open 4k channel (on hotbird 13e, especially Fashion 4k) I lost hdmi signal with my wetek/tv. I checked on my second sd card with Your older build 8.90.3 , this same channel and there is no problem. Anyway Big Thx :)

    Thanks for testing, I think this is down to the new kernel, there seems to be a few issues with it.

    No, it has nothing to do with noise reduction. The issue is caused by faulty round/dither options. with the patch mentioned by wrxtasy just compiled successfully. Going to test it in the evening, results will follow.

    Side note: The anti flicker/noise patch is already included in the new kernel you are using now.

    Nobody has ever brought this up as an issue before, is the round/dither issue a problem in the latest Nougat kernel or just with 8.2?

    Another issue with using the older kernel is that kszaq and a number of other developers have pushed new updates to the LE kernel that would also have to be backported, this creates more maintenance, fragmentation and headache, it would be better to solve the issues with the LE kernel than to continue working with the old kernel imo.

    GDPR-2: Thanks for your open words. 8.2.x is without patching not an alternative because with the old kernel there is visible flickering on S905 and noise on S912 with 4k/HDR videos (even while playback is being paused).

    I am going to try to patch the 8.2.x with the anti flicker patch by Sam. Lets see if this is a solution.

    This could be down to deinterlacing or noise reduction, have you tried turning them on/off?

    Let me know how the patch goes for you.

    test release updated, module issue with wetek should be resolved now, wrxtasy sound patch has been removed also

    Also, again clean install on Wetek Play 2, Netflix addon not working...I can install and login to Neflix but when I try to browse my collection or trending etc nothing happens.

    see above, the Netflix issue is a problem with the addon and the developer needs to update it, latest releases can be found here

    I just compiled your devel version für S912 and tested it on my Minix U9: It sadly has the same issue as the latest 8.x versions from wrxtasy (who uses the same new kernel if i am right):

    720p videos (several main TV stations in Germany are using this) are having massive frame drops. Only switching hw acceleration off solves it, but then everything else is unwatchable.

    Anything I can do in order to support tracking this issue down?

    Unfortunately I am left in a catch-22 with the kernel, if I continue using the old one then Wetek users are left in the dark as the new wetekdvb module doesn't work with the 8.2 kszaq kernel.

    There is workarounds and hacks available to be able to use the old kernel with the older version of wetekdvb however I don't really want to continue using workarounds and hacks just to get things working.

    Now another problem is that developers are dropping like flies for different reasons and there are very few people now working on the Amlogic project, kernel modification isn't particularly my strong point either.

    Given the Alpha status of Kodi Leia and these builds I would advise you to use kszaq 8.2 release which is very stable until things have matured a little more as it's very much 2 steps forward 1 step back at the moment with Leia builds.