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    The Coolest is correct, this is a Kodi/add-n issue

    CoreELEC is an basically a minimal linux distribution on which to run Kodi.

    We can help with hardware related issues with the actual box you are running CoreELEC on but anything beyond that is outside of our remit.

    your DTB has not updated, the only way this would happen is if you are using a really old one or copied an old one into the update folder

    answer to your question is in the FAQ

    Almost every post or 'experience' you have made here is about 1 problem or another, poor signal, frozen picture, not responding, not rebooting, jerky picture, buffering issues, partitions not resizing, cec not working.

    You don't heed the advice you are given so I suggest you buy another device for Kodi because you are just not going to get the experience you are looking for, maybe an RPi3b+ would better suit your needs they are a quality piece of kit that will be give you wonderful 4k playback, working HDR, buttery smooth streaming and super fast wifi for your hardcore pornography collection.

    thanks dev.

    then i will wait for patch

    There will be no patch so you will be waiting a long time, it either works for your box or doesn't, problem is in u-boot which we don't have source for.

    If remote not working why post here and not in issue tracker which all of the CE team monitor on a daily basis?

    Thanks... any idea why? In my case, I have an Epson 5040UB, which only supports 4:2:2 10bit (really transmitted at 12bit for my PJ)...


    I didn't realise so many people used it however it needs to be reworked and read supported colourspaces the same way supported resolutions are read rather than list all available options and then that way it won't cause any issues for people selecting an unsupported option. I would also like the settings to take immediate effect rather than having to reboot with a dialogue saying are you happy with this etc...

    Have you tried changing the default audio device from HDMI to analogue?

    Thanks for your sarcastic answer.
    Unfortunately I'm not sitting at my computer whole day and read each post as they get posted.
    And yes I did search on google, visited several dozens of websites for this error.

    GDPR-2 Could you put this info to the FAQ section in the 2nd post?

    This is a specific problem with upgrading from 'old' kszaq builds, this error would not have occurred with a fresh install.

    I do not guarantee 100% compatibility when upgrading between builds from other developers, I understand that users don't want to reinstall all their addons and configuration again however this is then the users fault and not something CoreELEC or myself is responsible for when upgrading between main versions then a fresh install should really be performed.

    Think of the Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade, would you upgrade or clean install? I know which I would choose.

    Sorry if you interpret this post as sarcastic but I'm honestly not trying to be.

    It's a pet hate for me when users upgrading from Krypton to Leia because that is what causes half the problems reported in the forums.

    GDPR-2 :

    I've heard you working on to change to BT.2020 automatically for HDR but according to my tv it is already working for me in LE and CE.

    Could you tell me why do you think it is not working?

    That's true, OSMC guys created a patch for Krypton that I'm trying to forward port to Leia.

    The problem is that the correct colour space is not used to play BT.2020 content, colour space should be set to 444,10bit on detection of HDR content and then reset on playback stop.

    Dear developers, many thanks for this project, CoreELEC is awesome! But please, could you change the waiting screen behavior to Krypton-style? I mean, dimming of the screen instead of making it black. Spinning circle on the black screen during plugin menu navigation is a little bit annoying :) Thank you!

    This only happens when you have changed dirty regions in advanced settings, so this is a configuration issue your end.

    Uninstall the add-on and make sure your addons/packages folder is empty before reinstalling otherwise your box will reinstall the cached old version.

    I just tried it on my second TV (a new 4k LED) and it does the exact same thing.

    How do you replace the kernel module/driver from addons/libreelec settings/drivers?

    It's doing that because the settings are saved after first boot for your TV, if you do a fresh reinstall and then put it on your second TV you will find it no longer does it, failing that it's a poor quality HDMI lead, the only TVs with green screen issues are Philips ones from 2009.

    That made my screen green all the time (even when inside Kodi).

    I'm still thinking it may be an issue with the logo itself - maybe the resolution or the format of the logo is causing the problem. It's only during bootup (when the logo should display) that I'm seeing the green screen - everywhere else is fine.

    What TV do you have and how old is it?

    Whats the story with deinterlacing ?

    The only problem I have encountered so far is that Youtube still will not load and looking at the Kodi log its a problem with the python call. I have deinstalled the plugin and the user data and reinstalled a few different versions - but it always crashes with the same python fail. Is it possible to rebuild the python system or clear any cached python settings.


    Totally unhelpful post... how on earth do you expect us to help? how are we supposed to diagnose your problem if you don't provide logs? come on you have been on this forum long enough to know the score by now Shoog.

    Issues should be posted here from now on as stated on the first page so we can keep better track of legitimate issues and communicate with users more directly.

    I have ask for the dtb files beacause I’m a beginner and I would make a Fresh install. Could you give me some tips GDPR-2 ?

    You have been told already that you do not need the to download the DTB separately.

    The instructions are in the forums if you chose to be lazy and not look for them please do not expect us to hold your hand and walk you through them.

    I'm more than happy to give you my time and assist you if you make *some* effort at least.