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    For once I wish I could step back from the bleeding edge, but decisions by people developing hardware support mean I am stuck on the knife edge. Wish I had have went with the KII Pro, but was sucked in by Khada's false advertising about the level of support for their product. Might just save myself the grief and get a KII Pro anyway.


    Evil developers we are

    If you are running on internal the partition change will not allow you to even run 8.90.6 from a USB stick. So disabling the "installtoInternal" will leave many people stranded. I suspect it will require a return to stock before you can run these versions if you are running from EMMC. Shame.

    I will stick with 8.90.5 since I am also waiting for an upgraded DVB-S driver for my dTV card on the VIM2 and needs some additional tweeks to work anyway.


    You are wrong, downgrading from 8.90.6 to any other version is doable if you are installed on an external device.

    The funny thing is your waiting for an upgraded dtv driver for your kvim2 board when it already exists in 8.90.6, it contains the latest changes by afl1.

    Shame your staying on 8.90.5 :)

    Thank you for your huge work on LE! Maybe better to do something else now for a while... :)

    I'm just going to take a break the same as kszaq, I will still be contributing but it will be in the background from now on

    In my opinion some threads need more moderation, cleaning up all self created problems etc.

    totally agree here, I have messaged chewitt to see if anything can be done and to see if people with developer tag can moderate their own threads

    I'v been using thees builds form some time now, and I'm amazed by all the problems people have. I have never had ha problem with these built's except miner issues regarding hardware vs LE.

    So; Just an observation from working with computers since 1980. When ever I'm present there is never a problem with any computers, but as soon as I leave the room S**t happens. Now I know that the computers are not aware of my presence. So the only logical explanation is; When the Boss leaves the room every one becomes a computer expert.

    So my advice is; If you don't know what your doing, or you think you know what your doing, stick to the stable versions. ;)

    I'm glad it works great for you

    There has been minor issues of which I acknowledge but these are mainly introduced by the Kodi team, some I have been responsible for but nothing to the degree of what is reported.

    There is too much inconsistency with testing and too much b/s from users who don't know what they are doing and cause half the problems themselves, ie dtb issues/ installing to internal/ not providing kodi and kernel logs/ changing sysfs kernel flags/ using build threads as a q&a/ telling me my decisions are bad.

    It would help if developers had the ability to moderate their own threads but we don't and I can't make head or tail of things because of all the noise that is generated.

    I'm burned out from it all and I'm not the only one, it's ashame because when I started I was full of enthusiasm for LE on Amlogic but the forums and past issues with how LE is run has totally drained me to the point I don't want to carry on anymore and that is why I have asked for the thread to be closed.

    The mecool remote configuration is still integrated into the image

    No devices found means you are not using the correct DTB

    I'm guessing you have LE installed on internal?


    GDPR-2: Would you be so kind to answer my question? My goal is to compile a rock solid with the best picture quality possible. This is why I asked.

    You can look at the kernel source code here, the current pending PR's have been added to this build as well.

    Where is dtb tree?

    The link is empty...

    DTB tree has now been uploaded.

    installed on internal. Now i reinstall it... very bad thing

    I don't expect every decision I make to be popular however this community build is mirroring what the official LE release will be. You are always free to compile your own build or use kszaqs 8.2 build which you can run from internal.

    why did you cancel the option to install on internal memory?

    As explained previously this option causes a lot of issues of which I won't get into but needless to say this is a feature which will not be in the official LE release and as the goal of this community release is to mirror the official LE source very closely, that is another reason.

    installed on internal. Now i reinstall it... very bad thing

    I posted a warning with the release, not my fault if you neglected to read it or ignore it.

    If you are installed on internal you will not be able to upgrade because the partition layout has changed in the dtb, this is why I disabled auto update. If your installed on usb/sd card then you can upgrade as normal.

    The current development is following the path of official LE rather than a hybrid 8.2-9.0 release.

    Do you care to explain how you have come to the conclusion that 8.90.6 is full of bugs when it has been out a matter of hours?

    Imo this is a solid release with the exception of the pass through audio problem which will only effect users with high end A/V units.

    I will not be bringing back installtointernal and it will not be in official releases period.

    I have just pushed a new version out.

    Auto update is disabled because this version contains the LE kernel which contains a different partition layout, if you are installed on internal you will not be able to update and a fresh install will be required.

    This version has an updated version of Kodi which has addressed the bug where Kodi crashes when playback is stopped on local content.

    There is an issue with the LE kernel at present where pass through audio does not work.

    For people with a display on their box there is an updated vfd driver, a custom dtb is no longer required and has been replaced by a configuration file, check the thread by The Coolest for more information.

    DTBs will be updated later tonight or you can flash the img.gz to a flash drive/sd card if you require them immediately.

    All old releases have been removed from the server to discourage downgrading which may cause issues due to the change in kernel.

    The installtointernal script has also been removed for reasons stated in my previous post.