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    If you have a genuine hardware related issue like this then it would be great if you could post it on the GitHub issues page so a solution can be found in an organised manner, posting on the forums with not even so much as a log will mean your issue will remain and never be fixed.

    Help us to help you by just taking 2 minutes of your time to do a proper bug report.

    Hei, so i have this problem, i was dumb enough to install to nand(adding the dtb file in the update folder). wasn't able to fix it using the dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/dtb bs=256k count=1 then dd if=/flash/dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256kcommand. managed to brick it. only way to get it work again was install lakka. I think i have broken the recovery button in the toothpick slot.
    So i tried to install again. just added the install to update of lakka. but it only install's once and then it isn't able to boot i have installed lakka again i figured i might as well boot libreelec from sd card but now it wont boot from sd card either.

    any ides on how to get that working again?


    If it won't boot from USB then you are using the wrong DTB, this would also explain why you have also bricked your device if you have been using the wrong one.

    I hope GDPR-2 make a new devel build with wrxtasy pr included so we can also test if netflix 720p is working on our S912 boxes😃

    It didn't make a slight bit of difference on S905X

    If you install to internal then be prepared to take the consequences that come with it, instructions are on the first page to recover your box, please read before posting.

    Hi guys, I bought this device some days ago reading your good reviews. I unboxed it today and everything works out of the box with the latest GDPR-2 build, thanks! :)

    I noticed however that from the system panel the build does not see the internal memory; I have two partitions active, a system one (smaller, 512Mb) and a storage partition of 31.something Gb. Seems to me it's the Samsung microSD I use to boot LE, but the device should have 32Gb of internal eMMC...
    Can anybody hel me out troubleshooting the issue? Thanks ;)

    Edit: found another issue. Sometimes, e.g. In YouTube plugin, if I click on a video it seems the tv goes out of sync (no hdmi signal) for a fraction of a seconda, then everything goes fine & smooth. It might depend on the hdmi cable ( i use the crappy one that came with the tv box), I'll try another one but if The issue tells something familiar to you, kindly suggest me how to solve


    Have you installed to internal?

    You can only use the internal eMMC if you have.


    Just a little retouch.

    We can't use anything with the word Kodi in without their written permission as it is a trademarked term and according to one particular LE dev, only LE has permission to do this (another issue in itself).

    We have asked for clarification on this and whether we are free to use the Kodi branding in our tiny FOSS project, we are still waiting for an answer though.

    I often read sarcastic comments and advice, from a distinguished developer, about cheap Chinese Amlogic boxes, as if very praised Raspbery Pi isn't cheap.

    Many of these "cheap Chinese boxes" are certainly more potent and more versatile than RPi, and it would make me very sad to see the end of development and support for them.

    Some time ago I donated to LE community for development; is there a way to make a donation to you and the rest of the team, at least to make it easier to pay for your server?

    The sarcastic comments you refer too is one thing that has continually irked me, they are not cool or helpful and nothing but rude, disrespectful and just plain wrong. Some people have forgotten that it is the community that makes the project, it is you guys that keep us going on.

    Sholander We don't have much expenses. Adam bought the domain for 12 GBP a year iirc. The rest will be hosted on GitHub which doesn't cost us anything.

    When we get banned from this Forum we might run a seperate one or use vendor forums. We don't need any Build servers either. At times when I made community builds I could do 8-12 images + Addons without issues.

    This is FOSS why should we make money from it? I don't need to travel to conventions or devcons. There are enough organizations you can donate to that really need it.

    If you wanna show your support try to contribute in another way. A very valuable contribution is support.

    Couldn't agree more.

    What is CoreELEC?

    CoreELEC is a minor fork of LibreELEC, it's built by the community for the community!

    What is the difference between CE/LE?

    CoreELEC will be driven by the community, it's direction chosen by the community, there will be more collaboration between developers and end users, more features and more bug fixes.

    What devices will CE support?

    For now the focus will be on only Amlogic based devices, there are very few developers working on this platform anymore and one of our goals with CE is to bring all Amlogic contributors together and work more closely with each other to keep LE/CE/Kodi alive on this great platform and raise it's awareness and popularity.

    Why fork?

    Many reasons, some technical, some political, some personal.

    Bug Reporting
    One thing I see on these forums time and time again is bug reports regarding LibreELEC on AML which I do not feel is right as there is no LibreELEC on AML, not yet at least anyway, all that exists is community releases... I hope that with the name change bug reports can be differentiated in a manner that better reflects where they really exist.

    All future bug reports should be posted here.