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    GDPR-2 here is a quick and dirty patch that reverts back to working PCM / Audio passthrough with the new linux-amlogic kernel:


    Thanks for this I will include it in the future builds.

    adamg's latest devel build reports "not compatible with LePotato hardware" - cannot tell if the bug's there.

    LePotato needs a special build and the S905 builds will not install on it, you will have to wait until the next main release for an update to LePotato.

    GDPR-2 , clean installation done again on my second msd card for wetek play 2. With crazycat and hauppauge drivers there is no dvb adapters in tvheadend web options available .I checked for updates in this dev build and showed me update to crazycat driver to this 101 version. Updated it but after reboot wetek play 2 remote does not work and still dvb adapters are not available in tvh webinterface

    Thanks for testing, can you SSH to your box and try 'lsmod' and see if 'wetekdvb' is loaded, if not then run 'modprobe wetekdvb' and try again.

    I don't have a 4k TV to test on at the moment, make sure you are using 422,8bit colour space though as this is all the 4k spec allows for.

    So the toggle is to set the selected colour space option 'active'? If that's the case the toggle seems misaligned (one row below the colour space option with no description).

    Furhtermore, the very next thing i notice is a return of considerable and continuous hickups in sound with livetv. Out of syncs are back as well.

    Up until 8.90.5 LiveTV was the best i have ever seen in any libreelec build. This latest dev build regresses that area considerably.

    Thanks for pointing this out, I have corrected it for the next build. I will look into the sound issue you describe and see if I can reproduce it when I get chance.

    mine is emmc (i use gxl_p212_1g.dtb) but on reboot it is stuck on logo.. the previous devel version needed to be installed to sd and then install to internal to nand (differnet partition layouts i beleive) installed on SD and works fine.. however i cannot find installtointernal command now!

    Ah yes I forgot this, the LE kernel has a different partition layout. I removed this command because of the issues it causes, you can add the script manually but this is something that I will no longer provide support for.

    can i upgrade from 8.90.5 on internal nand to this devel version? or is it like previous devel wher i need to re-install from sd?

    That depends if your device is using eMMC or NAND, if it is the latter then it is okay. there is no NAND driver in the LE kernel.

    Thanks for this, I have decided to drop the older nougat kernel by kszaq and use this one.

    I updated to this latest devel build from the previous one on one of my testrigs. Will give feedback if i find something.

    Wondering what the toggleswitch does in community build extras _under_ 'set colour space' ?

    This is an advanced option I added so users would no longer need to add commands to to change the colour space.

    GDPR-2, with new devel build (updated to prevous devel) on wetek play2. Wifi works on all drivers, there is connection with tvh but no dvb adapters available.

    It should work as this build is using the latest module by codesnake and the matching LE kernel.

    Is this new devel release already based on the new kernel which wrxtasy used in his latest builds? I am asking because the new kernel solves slight noise (even if the movie is beeing paused) which can be mostly seen in bright picture areas.

    I'm not sure which kernel he is using, the latest test release is using the LE kernel as I plan to abandon the legacy kszaq kernel, the release has the same community options as the one by wrxtasy which will allow you turn off noise reduction and deinterlacing from the Kodi settings menu.

    GDPR-2, as I see you are going to set disable deinterlacing by default.

    From my tests for S912 it's not a good idea. Flickering is visible for non-moving objects like channel label and etc... For SD channels it's visible more. For HD channels too for sport content.

    For me disable deinterlacing looks better on specific 1080i IPTV channels only, that has problem with colors.

    I think this is dependent upon your TV as some TV's handle the deinterlacing better than relying on the box to do it.

    I will keep the option to re-enable it via Kodi.

    It appears there is an issue with the latest Kodi nightly which 8.90.5 unfortunately uses that causes Kodi to crash when playback is stopped, I am monitoring for when the issue gets fixed and will push an update as soon as it is fixed.

    Wetek users will have to wait slightly longer as I still have been unable to make the new module work with kszaqs kernel and it appears the LE kernel for which the module was made for is not suitable to used widely yet.

    Wrong thread

    Sorry I haven't been too active the last few days, I seem to have caught man flu with all this cold weather the UK is experiencing.

    I'm aware of the issues with the dev build, unfortunately it seems that the LE kernel is too premature to be used at this time. I will try and work with the guys with wetek boxes to resolve the tuner issue with kszaqs kernel.