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    GDPR-2 Thanks a lot!

    Then I can format my SD to any format recognised by the box and that's it? Any recommended format?

    Again, thank you for the quick reply, will try this tomorrow.

    Only format it after you have install LibreELEC to the NAND, Rufus takes care of everything before hand, after everything is installed I would probably just stick with FAT32 unless you plan store files bigger than 4GB on it. Good luck.

    Short video of LE booting on the S905X,

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    What exactly does one need to do in order to install to the internal memory?

    Also, any idea why was the SD card not being recognised? I'd only flash to internal to use my micro SD card as storage for Kodi so, if that doesn't work for some reason, there's no point in flashing to internal.

    What was your SD card format before you formatted it to ext4?

    It does work if you wish to do that.

    Use Rufus to burn kszacs image to a microSD in dd mode
    Put microSD in your box and hold the reset button on the bottom and then plug the power in whilst keeping hold of the reset button
    When LibreELEC boots, enable SSH in the initial configuration wizard
    Use PuTTY to SSH to your box (can find your box IP in system info)
    Type installtointernal on the shell


    Just thought I would share something back to the community, TX3 Pro remote config BFMuKNGN

    Spent all evening figuring out the correct key mappings as none of the keymaps I found online had worked.

    kszaq your latest image works great on the TX3 Pro 1G/8G, no more mount issue, seems to enter and resume from standby and no issues with installtointernal as well :)

    Can't see any issues so far everything works.

    Cracking progress, massive improvement over Kodi on Android.

    Suspend is something I am working on now, it is expected not to work in this build.

    Do you have any VP9 videos that you can test hardware decoding on? I have added some basic code to enable it and I'm wondering if it works (no S905X here yet to test).

    kszaq you wouldn't mind telling me how to compile your sources would you, I'm getting build errors with "PROJECT=S905 ARCH=aarch64 make -j4 image"

    Usage: /home-new/adamg/ /sbin/depmod <kernelrelease> <symbolprefix>
    Makefile:1048: recipe for target '_modinst_post' failed
    make[1]: *** [_modinst_post] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory '/home-new/adamg/'
    Makefile:12: recipe for target 'image' failed
    make: *** [image] Error 2

    Just tried the build by garyang and it works flawlessly, just the remote.conf is missing which is simple enough to fix.

    Everything seems to work from what I have tried, even installing onto the NAND seems to work great and so much faster than with the Android bloat, the only problem I noticed was if you stress the box too much it seems to freeze and you have to pull the power.