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    Just now i've watched video through some VOD client with NG enabled:

    13:02:32.617 T:3200672672 NOTICE: CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled

    Leia builds are yet unusable for s905(x) boxes, so my tests were made on the different Krypton builds (both MM & Nougat kernels). A little bit later (maybe tomorrow) i'll try to make a long-term Leia test with Hyperion.NG and post results.

    Thanks again for your efforts!

    derdigge, create file "/storage/.config/hwdb.d/99-rf_remote.hwdb" containing this:

    1. # RF Remote
    2. evdev:input:b0003v0C45p5101*
    3. KEYBOARD_KEY_070065=c

    You can map any other key same way (line 3) using normalized scancodes (in hex lowercase) from evtest output, and normalized keycodes (in lowercase with the "key_" prefix removed) from here. Don't lose the obligatory leading space character at keymap rules.

    As i'm definetely not-a-developer, i could be completely wrong, but i think that maybe my RF-remote has two HID usage tables - HID_UP_KEYBOARD and HID_UP_CONSUMER. For the second table there is no EV_REP bit setting in the hid-input.c (HID to Linux input mapper, as i understood), so maybe it's enough just to add "set_bit(EV_REP, input->evbit);" right after this line to force autorepeat for all HID_UP_CONSUMER devices?

    Both virtual keyboard represent one RF-remote. First VK has EV_REP capability bit (repetition works) and serves keys Up/Down/Left/Right, Ok, Menu and Back. Second VK doesn't has EV_REP capability bit (repetition doesn't work) and serves Power, Home, Volume +/- keys and mouse movements (in the mouse emulation mode). As i know, RF-remote doesn't produce repeat events by itself, but linux event subsystem generates them (based on EV_REP bit) instead. So i hope that it's possible somehow to override capability bitmask for the second VK, and Volume keys could be repeated automatically when being hold.

    Dear developers! Is there any chance to enable the auto-repetiton of multimedia keys in Libreelec? As i can see from evtest (thanks System Tools addon), my RF-remote appears as two distinct keyboard devices, one of which has EV_REP bit and other one - not, so event subsystem doesn't generate repeats for second one.

    Is it possible to rewrite evbit of input device (or change driver logic, or something like this)? I'm asking because i have minimalistic RF-remote (with learning IR-Power button) which absolutely fits all my needs in Kodi control, and also much more comfortable and practical than IR-remotes, except annoying step-by-step volume adjust. Thanks in advance!

    See solution here.

    CvH, unfortunately there is no prebuilt binaries for NG-project, and i don't have enough experience to buil it by myself either, so i can't check it :( If somebody could build it for testing - it would be really nice! Though i really believe that problem is in amvideocap (not in Hyperion), i would be really glad to be wrong :)

    Klojum, i've never thought about retrogaming legality, now i got it. Sorry for that, i'll be more careful next time.

    Did You ask the addon author ?

    Not yet. As i told before - i believe that it's a platform-related mediaplayer issue.

    Running 8.1.4, my kids use youtube a lot and there is no stuttering on most of the videos they watch. the only stuttering I encounter is those Youtube live videos, not sure why though.

    Pretty hard to catch it on regular videos. But when you got it - it'll be annoy you very much :) The best way to reproduce the bug - using of FPS testing videos posted above. Just look attentively a while (1-2 minute), and you'll defenetly see it. To ensure that is not a problem of testing videos themselves, you could watch it on any other device with automatic framerate switching (i've used Dune player and TV's internal client).

    Tomorrow i'll upload log from Coowell V5 with clean LE installation (i've checked all this stuff many times, but if it necessary - i'll do it again).

    I couldn't even imagine that the zachmorris's repository could be blocked, because i'm sure it's totally legal and safe :(

    Let me ask - why you're so aggresive and suspicious to me? Am i deserved it somehow?