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    My builds has the same setup as johngalt 8.0.2- testing7. Pls, try this version, there is support for internal tuner.

    Yes, i've just compared Testing7 and your latest build based on it, and i've checked it twice - same result: johngalt's build is ok, but your build does't switch frequency properly. I staying on Testing7 for now, but i really like your improvements of channel switching :) Bytheway, for judder detection i've used this (if you have some time - perhaps you should try it yourself): FPS testing videos

    I have problem, sometimes picture in dvb-s2 stuck, i think that i have found relevant log:

    I have exact same problem with LiveTV, but only when i use the hyperion (addon for ambient lighting). Also on a stream content it sometimes causes huge video slowing, but it releases itself by jumping to some buffered point of video (or i can force it by rewinding). Do you use hyperion?

    At first, thanks for your work, afl1!
    I have the huge video stuttering while watching LiveTV (DVB-S2) on K1 Plus with latest release. I tried both - update (replacing only system & kernel) and clean install (with DTB from previous version) - no difference.

    I don't have a device with built-in tuner so I did some testing with envagyok and so far none of the drivers worked. I'm very short on time recently so the process is slow. I think I will try 2 more approaches to this and hopefully one of them works. If none of them does, I will give up on trying to make internal tuners work.

    Hello kszaq! Please, don't give up :) Only two reasons, why i personally bought K1 Plus, were internal tuner and your amazing LE for Amlogic. I think you know, that already exists version of LE for K1 Plus which working well with internal tuner (look here, but in general this build less usable than yours. So, maybe possible to use drivers from this version? I'll be happy to participate in testing too, if needed :) So, saying again, please don't give up, K1 Plus users are counting on you. Thank you!