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    Are you sure it's not a problem with your network?

    Try playing youtube videos on a pc.

    Yes, I'm sure. I have wired 100Mb internet connection, and I use several VOD online services, samba-shared folders, and local media without any problems. Spicifically, this video tested and plays without stuttering locally, from samba share, from remote http-server folder. Problem appers only with Youtube addon (with any video).

    So how come we see no debug enabled kodi.log files for any of them?

    Here you are: log (device K2 Pro). But there is nothing interesting (as far as i can see), maybe i should enable additional components in journaling settings?.

    I've uploaded testing videos for everyone being able to reproduce the bug, i thought it's a right way for issue detection.

    and you also haven't bothered to tell us which hardware this supposed video stuttering is happening on.

    Tested devices: Videostrong K1 Plus & K2 Pro S905, Nexbox A95X S905X 1/8GB, Coowell V5 S905X 1/8GB.

    Sorry, but i don't have any proofs of the reality of stuttering, except my words.

    Have you also contacted the Youtube add-on developer since it affects all your devices?

    I believe that it's a mediaplayer issue, but i'll definitely contact bromix if i can't find help here, thanks for suggestion.

    I wonder why nobody has reported this issue yet :)

    I can't really remember was it the same on earlier builds or not, but all latest Krypton-based builds have this problem: unsystematic Youtube video stuttering (frame skips), although Kodi detects source's FPS correctly and adjusts screen mode accordingly. Also strange that skip/drop counters stay unchanged.


    Tested on several Kypton-based builds, including latest 8.1.4

    Devices & DTBs:

    K2 Pro (S905 2/16GB) - gxbb_p200_k2_pro.dtb

    K1 Plus (S905 1/8GB) - gxbb_p200_k1_plus.dtb

    Coowell V5 (S905X 1/8GB) - gxl_p212_1g.dtb

    How to reproduce:

    The best way to reproduce the bug - using of FPS testing videos posted below. Just look attentively a while (1-2 minute), and you'll defenetly see it. To ensure that is not a problem of testing videos themselves, you could watch it on any other device with automatic framerate switching (i've used Dune player and TV's internal client).


    I've uploaded testing videos, so everyone can reproduce the problem. But be patient, it may take some time for the glitch first appearance (1-2 minute or so).

    Support logs:

    K2 Pro logs. Just in case: the most noticeable glitches was at ~ 16, 58, 73 and 133 sec. of the video.

    Oh, ok, you're right :) So, as i reported, those patches (Memphiz's implemetation) didn't solve the problem. May i ask you also try to remove klog messages from amvideocap, as it done in provided example from my first post? Without those corrections systemd-journal process consumes even more CPU's time than hyperiond itself. And i really hope that this is a reason of playback issues, bacause i don't have any other clue...

    TIA from all ambient lighting lovers :)

    Please, maybe someone of the developers could try to build kernel with changes, mentioned in my first post? I'm not experianced enough for build a kernel by myself, but i can do heavy testing :) There is no need to rebuild a whole LE on every testing iteration - i need just kernel image, so maybe somebody could spend some time for this? Thanks in advance!

    Thanks for your efforts, kszaq! But problem still persist with same symptoms :(

    Maybe this bug is related to kernel log spam from amvideocap (check the link in my 1st post).

    Hi everybody! I'm using LE8 (builds from kszaq, afl1 and johngalt) either on s905 (K1 Plus) and s905x (Coowell V5) devices, and i've faced same playback problem only when hyperion enabled: absolutely randomly video becomes glitchy, slows down and finally hangs for a while (live-tv) or jumps-over a little bit forward (other media). Same time in kodi.log appears "Process - stream stalled" and "WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer" warnings. One more thing i've noticed - during hyperion's running there is enormous amount of "codec:amvideocap"-related messages floods the kernel's log (see example below). Googling this messages gave me this, so now i believe that my problems are related to kernel.

    Please, could someone of our amazing developers help me to overcome this annoying bug? Many thanks in advance!


    Testing johngalt's nougat kernel version corresponding to LE 8.0.2d.


    SD version is build for KI Pro, for other models replace nougat Device Trees.

    Pls, @zbigzbig20 verify if is running WP2 internal tuner, I did a adjustment in linux config

    Hi afl1! Unfortunately, this build still has buggy frame-switching. As you can notice in the log samples below - media frame rate and screen mode chosen by Kodi does not match in your build :(

    Johngalt's build:

    Afl1's build:

    Test build with fixed massive frame skipping.


    This version is using same kernel as johngatl's Testing7.

    Sorry for late report. Pity, but nothing has changed in this build. I even made clean install of it on the brand-new device, but glitch still present.
    As i own K2 Pro (not K1 Pro), i've been using DTB from here, maybe my problem related to this? Thanks again for your work!