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    zomboided any chance that OpenVPN converted to libreelec 10.0 soon ?

    Thanks for your work.

    Update : I've downloaded the 6.9.3 preview version and it's working like before. Im also connected to the zomboided repository but the vpn is not available from there yet.

    I came across another issue, the network speed.

    My Setup : 3 Raspberry Pi 4.

    One Raspberry Pi is the Master. Holding a Samba Shared HardDrive and a MariaDB Database.

    The other two have access to the network drive and the database.

    I'm with the Beta2.

    Im copying the files from a windows 10 computer thru the network on the Master Pi.

    All the network is Gigabit and fully tested with network tool hardware.

    My child pointed me that issue because the file was "lagging". I was copying new files on the hard drive at this time.

    I did notice the speed was not stable, from 40mb/s to 8mb/s. Normally Im doing 75mb/s (limited by the hard drive speed).

    I have my previous SD card with the same setup but with 9.2.6. I've changed all my SD card and reverted the setup to 9.2.6.

    Now, I do not have any other issue like this.

    My score in 9.2.6 :

    If nothing is playing 75mb/s.

    If there is one 4k file playing I can do 45-55mb/s.

    If there is two 4K file playing I can do 30-40mb/s.

    If there is three 4k file plyaing, I can do 20-30mb/s.

    And at no point I notice a "lag" in any file.

    With 10 Beta 2, I CANNOT copy new file while playing a 4k file.

    If nothing is playing, Transfert speed varry between 45mb/s to 10-15mb/s.

    Note : All raspberry pi driver are up-to-date (chipset,usb).


    Im using a MariaDB and LibreElec 10 setup and I did not have any issue at all.

    Before Switching to MariaDB, you can "Export" your mediatech. Then, you start fresh using a fresh installation and mariadb. After , you may re-import the previous Export and it will rebuild the mediatech.


    On a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB Ram), I've installed a fresh 9.95.1 on a SD card. Then I installed the skin Aeon Nox SiLVO.

    I neabled "Startup Intro" inside "Extras Menu".

    When opening the raspberry, I "heard" the sound of the Intro, but there is no display on screen.

    No other settings have been changed. I reproduced this issue on 4 differents TV.


    I Just updated all my Raspberry Pi 4 to the 10Beta1 (9.95.1) and now, Im unable to make a system backup thru the interface.

    When I start the backup, I see the percentage going up. Once à 99% or 100%, the whole LibreElec Reboot.

    My friend have a similar setup as me, and he crash around 30%.

    What kind of "debug log" we could produce to see where it jam ?

    Oh, and We didnt follow the notice about starting from scratch. We are using a vanilla version without any plugin except the mariaDB. The upgrade process went smooth without any incident.

    I suspect that might be a "corrupted" movie thumbnail or something like that.

    The backup make around 2GB normally.

    First time I "tried" the Beta1, I made a new install, from scratch, like the notice. But I had too many thing to repair in my customisation of the interface (silvo). But I didnt test backup. I could try to install it from scratch on a new SD card to see if I can make a backup.

    But preferably, I would like to look at a log and find where it hang.


    --- EDIT ---

    I've installed a fresh 9.95.1 on another SD card without doing anything else.

    The backup work. So Im looking for a log that will explain me why it crash.

    Ok, thanks, but when Im doing the LibreElec Backup, from System-LibreElec-System-Backup, the script folder is not "included" in the backup. Is there a way to include that folder ?



    I made some admin script (like the one that call and I would like to put them where they "belong".

    Should I use the .config folder ?

    I would like to make sure they get backuped and not "overwrited-deleted" in a futur update of LE.

    Right now, they are in /storage/scripts (a folder that I've created) and they are not in the backup from LE Backup (system-LE-system-backup).



    I have a centralized mysql database. All my Kodi Box use that database. So I can resume a movie on another TV.

    I need to move a file from one hard drive to the other (samba share)

    I modified my source to add the new drive.

    So my source hold both drive at this moment.

    I edited the row in mysql, and on the c22 field in table MOVIE, I modified the path.

    When I do "movie information" and I switch tab until I see File Location, I still see the old path.

    If I update the library, it will add a new record, with the correct path. I would prefer not doing that way because I rennamed a lot of file myself.

    How can I change the Path "everywhere" ?



    I also found the relation with the field C23 refer to the table PATH, but it still doenst work. (I tried to "update" after my change)

    When using the talbe MOVIE_VIEW, i still see my previous path in the column "strPath". So this might be the one that still need to be modified, but, the tab le movie_view is read only.

    Edit2 : I found the solution.

    There is a table that is called : files. In that table, I needed to modify the path ID also.

    Now, I will make some queries to update everything at once.

    Source :


    I would like to use my LibreElec as a NAS.

    Im using the latest LibreElec 9.2

    Im using a static IP as :

    I would like to use a USB 3.0 HardDrive to hold and share my videos.

    I see the USB Drive is auto mounted as /media/sda1_wd_XYZABCD

    I know also the Drive is "AutoShared" from the interface. (I see

    But, it's not really what I want.

    I would like to have it auto mounted as /storage/videos

    And I would like to use samba.conf to share "videos" from /storage/videos

    So I would access it from everywhere as :

    This way, using a shared mysql database that hold my kodi library, all my video would be inside smb://, and all my kodi device would have access to the videos inside my attached usb drive.

    That mean, from the "master", I need to configure a video share, using the device IP instead of local path.

    How can I achive this ?


    Edit : I think I've got the solution, but I would like to have an approbation Im not doing something weird or unsupported.

    The USB Drive is auto mounted as "/media/sda1_wd_XYZ". I've configured Samba.conf and pointed to /media/sda1_wd_xyz.

    So far, it work and locally, I refer to the data to "localIP/share" and it work.

    My concern, Im afraid sometime, the name of the mounted drive change to /media/sda2_wd_12345 since im not refering to a UNNID in the fstab or something like that.