Use LibreElec/Kodi as NAS

  • Hello,

    I would like to use my LibreElec as a NAS.

    Im using the latest LibreElec 9.2

    Im using a static IP as :

    I would like to use a USB 3.0 HardDrive to hold and share my videos.

    I see the USB Drive is auto mounted as /media/sda1_wd_XYZABCD

    I know also the Drive is "AutoShared" from the interface. (I see

    But, it's not really what I want.

    I would like to have it auto mounted as /storage/videos

    And I would like to use samba.conf to share "videos" from /storage/videos

    So I would access it from everywhere as :

    This way, using a shared mysql database that hold my kodi library, all my video would be inside smb://, and all my kodi device would have access to the videos inside my attached usb drive.

    That mean, from the "master", I need to configure a video share, using the device IP instead of local path.

    How can I achive this ?


    Edit : I think I've got the solution, but I would like to have an approbation Im not doing something weird or unsupported.

    The USB Drive is auto mounted as "/media/sda1_wd_XYZ". I've configured Samba.conf and pointed to /media/sda1_wd_xyz.

    So far, it work and locally, I refer to the data to "localIP/share" and it work.

    My concern, Im afraid sometime, the name of the mounted drive change to /media/sda2_wd_12345 since im not refering to a UNNID in the fstab or something like that.

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    It might NOT be the ideal solution... but you could try.

    1) Use UPnP to access your drive.

    2) Add a symbolic link from /media/sda1_wd_XYZ to /media/videos (Not too sure if it will work, but worth a try)

    3) Label your disk as videos instead of _wd_XYZABCD