Moving videos to another drive

  • Hello,

    I have a centralized mysql database. All my Kodi Box use that database. So I can resume a movie on another TV.

    I need to move a file from one hard drive to the other (samba share)

    I modified my source to add the new drive.

    So my source hold both drive at this moment.

    I edited the row in mysql, and on the c22 field in table MOVIE, I modified the path.

    When I do "movie information" and I switch tab until I see File Location, I still see the old path.

    If I update the library, it will add a new record, with the correct path. I would prefer not doing that way because I rennamed a lot of file myself.

    How can I change the Path "everywhere" ?



    I also found the relation with the field C23 refer to the table PATH, but it still doenst work. (I tried to "update" after my change)

    When using the talbe MOVIE_VIEW, i still see my previous path in the column "strPath". So this might be the one that still need to be modified, but, the tab le movie_view is read only.

    Edit2 : I found the solution.

    There is a table that is called : files. In that table, I needed to modify the path ID also.

    Now, I will make some queries to update everything at once.

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