x86_64 build: toggle HW acceleration by resolution

  • Hi, I recently updated to the latest version of LibreELEC on my NUC6CAYH after like a year of putting it off. Everything works fine except SD video is now broken using VAAPI hardware decoding. High bitrate 1080p TV/streams play perfectly but SD videos are choppy and glitchy. They play fine when I turn VAAPI off but I don't want to have to reboot the PC every time I want to watch SD video then reboot again when I want to change channel. Is there any way to get the "enable HW for HD & up" option in the Android builds into the x86 one? I've spent about 4 hours now reading forums & trying different video drivers and configs when all I need is that magic option I had on my Android box.

  • Are you using a 4K display? Make sure the scaling method is set to "Nearest neighbor". Otherwise you will get lots of dropped frames when upscaling SD to 4K.

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  • I should have specified sorry. Running at 1080p. Adjusting scaling settings doesn't seem to do much at all, like it seems the CPU isn't struggling at all but it drops frames as if it is. I'm wondering if it's something to do with the Intel driver as in software mode it plays them fine using more CPU of course

  • I don't see any issues on my J4105 board with SD videos and VAAPI hw acceleration enabled. Can you upload a small sample of the problematic video?