Kodi v19 crashing when using MariaDB

  • Hello I have two issues when trying to switch to MariaDB

    First here is my config

    First issue:

    When I switch the advancedsettings as expected my library is empty, also the content of my libraries is set to None and I have to set them again.

    Is from scenario:

    1. Kodi boots up

    2. Navigate to settings -> Media -> Videos -> Library 1 -> Set Content -> Movies -> OK

    Expected Result:

    The media library content to be set and to be indexed


    Media library content is not set, its None again, basically nothing happens, no scan, nothing

    Log: Logs while setting library content - Pastebin.com

    Second Issue:

    When switched the advanced settings without setting library content i try to open any movie and Kodi crashes

    1. Kodi boots up

    2. Navigate to -> Settings -> Media -> Videos -> Library Movies -> Open movie folder -> Select MKV file -> Kodi crashes to reboot

    Movie to play


    Kodi reboots

    Log: 2021-04-08 21:27:27.609 T:993 DEBUG <general>: Open - probing detected forma - Pastebin.com

    Any help or does someone observe this behavior as well ?

    System - Raspberry Pi 4 - 4GB

    EDIT: If i revert to original advancedsettings.xml, everything goes back to normal.

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    The first order of business will be you providing us the FULL and unmodified kodi.log file, and not just the parts that you find interesting. So far nothing reflects problems with the usage of MariaDB.

    Also remove the cache settings in the advancedsettings.xml file for now. They should be totally unnecessary in a local network.

  • Here is the full log from today, for obvious stupid reason i have lost the one from last night. Only change I have made is to swap the kodi user with the DB root one just to amuse myself with a desperate try, but made no change.

    Logs old - Pastebin.com

    About the caching, I will remove it just for the test. I need it, because I have a VPN tunnel to NAS and the internet connection is not the best everywhere, so I do the caching if I leave the player on, to download some portion of the media while I am doing something else.

    To provide additional info, the MariaDB is on Docker container on my docker-host machine, I have tested it and I have connection from another device on the same VLAN as Kodi. I personally exclude the network connectivity issue.

    Also tried to create manually 'videodb119' as I saw the logs it could not found it, but that also did not solve the issue.

    Logs from that try: Kodi.log - Pastebin.com

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    Logs from that try

    Okay, a full log is good news. Too bad there is also bad news.

    As per Kodi and LibreELEC forum rules, support is halted because you have several repos/add-ons installed which facilitate video piracy. This is not welcome here in whatever shape or form. You can find the problem entries here, colored in orange in this link: hastebin

    Clean up the Kodi setup, and try again. Also, debugging needs to be enabled in Kodi for a more detailed log file. Once enabled, restart LibreELEC so debug info can be gathered from the start.

  • No problem will remove them, they not being used anyway. And will post the logs again in debug mode ? Would that suffice to get some help on my problem ?

  • If i leave it with local database, it works, but as soon as I try to switch to MariaDB it starts hiccupping(cannot play video even local to SD card and cannot set movie library)

    hastebin - xoradenomo (kodi.tv) Log from when I play local video while having setup maria DB, it reboots at the end of the file

    If i set it to local DB instead, everything works perfectly

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    I just don't get it. A database, SQLite or MySQL/MariaDB should not interfere in one way or another. It normally only retrieves data before the video plays. Perhaps streamdetails are updated as well if there are changes detected. After a video ends, then data is written into the database (watched status and playcount), which is trivial.

    So whatever your Docker setup is doing, you may want to check the MariaDB log file and see what it is up to. Especially when things go fine when a local database is active.

  • Hello,

    Im using a MariaDB and LibreElec 10 setup and I did not have any issue at all.

    Before Switching to MariaDB, you can "Export" your mediatech. Then, you start fresh using a fresh installation and mariadb. After , you may re-import the previous Export and it will rebuild the mediatech.